Ore-Ida  Steam n' Mash Potatoes

Ore-Ida Steam n' Mash Potatoes

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I love these!

Taste just like home made. Quality is good and price is great. Time it takes to make them is awesome. Only 10 minutes in the microwave season to taste then eat. Love that concept.

I did not like these I would rather have mine done in our deep fryer. They were not crispy at all and I felt like I was biting into mush.

These are a pleasant surprise. If directions are followed they come out crispy.WAY better than expected.

We bought the cheesy mashed potatoes and really did not like them. My son loves mashed potatoes and he ended up leaving almost all of his on the plate.

I was surprised that these came out so crispy in the microwave but stayed soft on the inside and they taste great,quick fix when you're in a rush :)

A perfect portion of crispy microwavable french fries. Four minutes in the micrwave and they come out nice and crisp. easy for me being a mom of a one year old.

I agree the taste wasn't really too good. I simply freeze my own potatoes when I find a really good deal on a 15 or 20 lb bag of potatoes and mine taste fresh everytime and since I freeze them in large "nuggets" I simply take out 3-4 per person and in secs I have fresh tasting mashed potatoes every time

Even with coupons, not a good deal. They were very stringy and difficult to get all the product out of the bag. I personally would take them for free, but I wouldn't pay for them, when potatoes are relatively cheap and easy to prepare.

I like them, easy and fast to make.

I thought they were good after i added real butter and more milk. I just bought another bag. saves me alot of time when my kids are very active in sports.

spend the time and make your own from scratch. It will be cheper and edible. i found these to be worse that the mashed potatoes you get in old frozen dinners.

I was not impressed with them. They were not that good for the price. I would not buy them again unless I had a great coupon for them. Then I might give them another shot for something quick.

I thought the taste was decent. I keep a bag in the freezer for a quick meal. I would never pay full price, but they are convenient.

I really like these. We have a bunch in our freezer and we use them almost daily.