Ore-Ida  Steam n' Mash Potatoes

Ore-Ida Steam n' Mash Potatoes

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spend the time and make your own from scratch. It will be cheper and edible. i found these to be worse that the mashed potatoes you get in old frozen dinners.

Even with coupons, not a good deal. They were very stringy and difficult to get all the product out of the bag. I personally would take them for free, but I wouldn't pay for them, when potatoes are relatively cheap and easy to prepare.

I agree the taste wasn't really too good. I simply freeze my own potatoes when I find a really good deal on a 15 or 20 lb bag of potatoes and mine taste fresh everytime and since I freeze them in large "nuggets" I simply take out 3-4 per person and in secs I have fresh tasting mashed potatoes every time

I did not like these I would rather have mine done in our deep fryer. They were not crispy at all and I felt like I was biting into mush.

Maybe I'm just more of an "old fashioned" kinda cooking gal, but these were terrible. Even my kids pushed them to the side. I think I'll stick to my regular spuds....

They need to go back to the old recipe. These are stringy!

My family does not like these potatoes. My husband is not a picky eater, but he actually threw these out and asked me not to buy them again. The texture was not like real mashed potatoes and the taste was stale. I did not see much of a time savings either.

I bought these once because I had a high value coupon. What a waste of money. They are nasty and nobody in my family did anything but take a very small taste. All of them went into the trash. It is easier and cheaper to make homemade mashed potatoes.

My family did not like these mashed potatoes. You get more flavor from the box ones and these are about the same texture. They are not even close to homemade.

i'm not a fan of these style of potatoes.. but i do like the brand Ore-Ida.. they dont give that freshly smashed taste..

No matter what I put in these, they always had that "frozen" aftertaste to them and a very thick consistency that was unusual.

It was convenient to make these but they weren't creamy and didn't taste very good

I'm NOT a fan. Will not buy agan and wouldn't recommend. If you don't have time to make the real thing stick with instant. These cooked fast and were easy to make but the taste and texture were not good. We had company that night on purpose so I could hear some feedback - NOONE liked them. The kids wouldn't even take a second bite.

My sons wouldn't touch them! I thought they would be okay if you could mix them up with meat and gravy but didn't help. Thank goodness I had a free coupon so it didn't waste any of my food budget! Go back to the lab on this product!

My grocery store always has coupons for these so I end up paying about $1.50 per bag. I keep a few on hand because my fresh potatoes never seem to be any good when i get around to using them. I'm not a huge fan of these, they are over priced, but in a pinch they will do. I usually purchase the sweet potatoes and doctor them up with a little brown sugar. I really didn't like the pre-flavored varieties, they contain to much sodium and didn't taste that great.