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  • BrokenTeepee BrokenTeepee

    Behind Closed Doors

    My full review is too long to fit in the confines of the characters allowed here. It can be read at Here is a snippet: And it is a whopper of a tale. One that will keep you looking over your shoulder and wondering about the nature of relationships. I am sure it would be, in some ways, even worse on a second read. It might be worth one as I went through it so quickly because I just wanted to know what was going to happen! 4.5 I received a free copy for my honest review
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  • gigi62 By  gigi62     SheSpeaks Tester

    A Page turner

    This is a true psychological thriller. Grace thinks she has meet and married the perfect man in Jack but soon realizes that she did not. At first I was not a fan of how the book flipped between the past and present. But I soon realized that was what was making the book good. We got to know the both Grace and Jack. I could not stop turning pages and could not put this book now. I do not want to give anymore of the book away.I received a ARC of this.


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