Edy's  Fruit Bars

Edy's Fruit Bars

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Their good but im not a big fan I dont like how strong the taste is, my mom on the other hand loves the way it taste

They're okay. I really don't care for them though.

Very delicious and healthy great snack for the summer.

These are a healthier choice for my children and taste great. My daughter lives the real fruit chunks.

These bars taste great on a hot summer's day, but their high sugar and low fiber content make them a high glycemic snack. Make sure to accompany this treat with a handful of nuts!

I like the fruit bars but my kids aren't crazy about the taste.

These are out of this world! Tastes like real strawberries! Even my kids love these! Have to get a box for your freezer!

Eating the good fruit bar I love these fruit bars,my family just cant wait untill i bring them home from the store.. I cant get enough of them. Thank you for a great product..

Refreshing and Delicious I love the Mexican "popsicles" but there are not always available or easy to find. When I found these I was hesitant. I prefer the lime flavor best but the coconut is delish too. It doesn't have added sugar so it's great for the kids too. The flavor taste like the real fruit and not artificial. The size are a big small but perfect because you can eat two, each of different flavor.

Taste is not as good as i would have expected from this brand

I guess I just don't have a taste for health haha! I bought some, still give them to my older son(who will eat anything), but seriously after one try I was like, "Nope, doesn't taste like a popsicle". Freeze some blended fruits and coconut water and you've made your own. I just don't like them

This is the best ! ! I get a box of these from Sam's club and eat them all to myself !

Ok to throw in the hands of friends bringing over their kids, but i don't like them at all.

I honestly would have to recommend the Whole Foods frozen fruit bars over these. I believe they are the cheap 365 brand. Cheaper and healthier and awesome flavors! You can't beat that! They have ones that are tropical flavored with pieces of coconut and pineapple too, mmmm.

Now are family doesn't care for these at all, had to throw 6 boxes out...they wouldn't eat them....