DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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I thought overall the taste was pretty good. It didn't taste as good as gatorade or anything but both of my boys liked it. My husband and I both tried it and he said he might buy some to take to work since he has to stay hydrated on the job. Overall, a great way to stay hydrated with something besides just water.

I love the taste of the berry drip drop. My kids and I ran a 5 k. We used it afterwards and felt great. The taste is mild and not overpowering. Awesome product!

Whole this product boasts of having more sodium, electrolytes, etc, than other brands, you have to be able to keep said product down to benefit from any of that. The taste was very off putting to everyone I had try it. Not only was it overly sweet, but at the same time, it had an ocean water taste (I'm sure thanks to the boasted sodium content). Great idea, but the flavor needs work.

My 11 year old son loves the DripDrop Berry Flavor. It came at the perfect time to try as we had 3 practices & 2 games a week. He still prefers his purple Gatorade but I would definitely purchase DripDrop & a case of water to keep both in my car & home.

Drip Drop has excellent taste and really works !! The product is very simple to mix and keeps you feeling hydrated.

Absolutely love the berry flavored DripDrop. My kids loved it too. They usually won't drink stuff like this, but they definately liked DripDrop. Great taste....would love to try the Lemon next.

My husband got the stomach flu days after receiving my Drip Drop ORS Berry Flavor. Came in handy as he was getting dehydrated from vomiting. This product is amazing! It made him feel better and was able to get over the flu with all the fluids he needed.

We really enjoyed the Berry Flavor Drip Drop! The kids loved it, and this made a huge difference for my son, since it's conditioning week before basketball tryouts next week! Kept his hydration level up so much better than plain water would have. Thank you for the opportunity to try this amazing product! :)

Great berry flavor, kept me nice and hydrated. Had never heard of this product before SheSpeaks. Will definitely be buying again!

my kids loved the taste, kept them hydrated, we go the berry flavor and it was berry good, its good for us and a very good treat for my kids and myself, I will make it a point to purchase, try others flavor

This has a wonderful berry flavor...works great for sports. Thanks!

This is review for the DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry Flavor! Pretty pleased with it overall. A little too sweet but with a little more water added to the mix - it was nicely flavored. Seems to help with hydration, too! Wish the packaging was a little sleeker looking and less generic. It looks a little like the generic form of the name brand product. Overall, though, I would likely purchase it again.

I guess I am the first person to not be impressed by this product. First off, no one in my family liked the taste of the drink. It's hard to explain why we didn't like the taste, but my daughter couldn't even finish hers. Perhaps we are more used to other similar drinks we use for hydration including Squinchers and Pedialyte products. That being said, I know the electrolyte balance may be more preferable with Drip Drop and for that reason I will keep the 3 left overs in case of a hydration emergency. I would also like to add that I thought the packaging made the product look like it was a generic brand.

Great flavor. Got my kids to drink it. Will definitely purchase.

My 9 yr.old tried it he said it was kinda sweet so I added a little more water and he said it taste better. So I will be buying more of these to keep on hand since winter is right around the corner for the days when the colds and fever strikes. Thank you for the chance to try this product.