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Way too expensive

Love shopping here, only do so if I have a promo coupon though, the prices of most of the items are out of my price range if I don't get it on sale or discounted with a coupon.

I like shopping at Kohl's, I can get good quality clothes for myself and my kids and the coupon deals make pricing even cheaper when you are on a strict budget.

Kohls is great! When they remodeled a store near me they kept emailing me $10 off coupons whenever a department remodel was finished. You can bet I used every single one! I have 2 little boys and I can always find something inexpensive yet still nice for them to wear. I myself love the clearance section.

You can find some really great deals at Kohls and they have a lot of different products I especially like their kitchen and home sections. However you have to be prepared to look through unorganized racks if you are looking for clothing, the sale racks are always a mess.

I enjoy shopping at Kohls the staff is friendly you can always find someone to assist if needed as well the stores are usually meet and organized. I find items sold in this store to be great quality the prices are fair and love to shop the clearance racks especially when I have % off coupons, I recently purchased $500.00 worth of clothing for $70.00 :)

I am a Kohl's addict. The prices are very reasonable, customer service has always been tops and return policy is wonderful. The prices are super competitive and when they have a sale, you just can't beat them. Love Kohl's

I like Khols for mens clothing. The store brand I feel for women does not hold up well. After washing (I usually do not dry shirts) the shirts shrink in length and are then out of shape. The other lines of clothing offered I feel are pricey for the type of store I believe it is. I do love their bedding and bath department. You can get some really good deals on these items.

This store is way over priced and is only really a good deal, "sale" when stuff is on clearance. They jack all the prices up and then offer these huge sales to make you feel like you are getting such a great deal when in reality it is just the normal price it should be selling for. The quality of their clothes is not that great either.

Kohl's is one of my most favorite stores!!! I purchase clothes from the whole family from Kohl's. This includes myself, my husband and my two kids. I have also purchased toys, gifts and home items from Kohl's. One of the best things about this store is their return policy. You don't have to have a receipt, and they will issue you a store credit, no questions asked. If you have a Kohl's charge card, they send you coupons ALL the time. I never visit Kohl's without a coupon...the coupons range from 15% off to 30% off. Oftentimes, they run a promotion where if you spend 50 dollars, you will get Kohl's cash to use on a future purchase. And you always earn points for purchases made on your Kohl's card...those points add up

Kohls always has amazing sales, on great items. I love getting kohls cash everytime i shop there. I love how they give you money back just for spending a certain amount, not everystore does that. Its Great also they take things back even if you forget your recipet. the store is overall just fantastic!

Kohl's is a wonderful store. They always seem to have interesting additions for our wardrobe ... I shop here at least once every season. I really love their membership program - pairing the membership discounts with the regular sales can get you some "deep sales" to help stretch your shopping dollars. Even my hubby can find things there from time to time.

Perfect store for my family! They have everything we need for my 3 girls as well as my husband and myself.

Kohl's is my favorite store for getting nice clothing for myself and my kids. I generally do not shop for adult men in this store, but that is only because the guys in my life have a different taste in clothing than the offerings available here. Kohl's has a wonderful membership program which offers great (and frequent) discounts for it's members. I like to hit the clearance racks whenever I get a 30% off coupon and stock up on clothes for myself and as gifts. They also run some great jewelry sales and I usually put away a few items throughout the year to give as Christmas and birthday presents. If you happen to go to the store and forget your coupon, just ask for a discount at the register. Many times the cashier is able to give you at least 15% off.

Kohls is the perfect family store! they always have a sale going on, which is awesome! the designers are great, Lauren Conrad and Vera Wang. Great quality. Kohls Cash is my favorite around holiday time, you feel like you are paid to shop!