Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

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I love this conditioner!!! Before using this product, my hair was dry and dull. Now, with only one use a week, it's shiny, soft, and significantly manageable. I only use it once a week as a deep conditioner, but you can use it more than that if you like. I bought my first bottle in January and I still have over half of it left. The smell is also great, but best of all is the price. I've never seen it more than $4. That's a steal!

Love this product and keep going back to it. Does not make my hair greasy...

I didn't really notice any difference in my hair when I used this product. It smelled amazing though, but I didn't not notice any change in my hair texture.

soo soo soo good. this stuff smells great and works fast. doesn't weigh my hair down either.

This is the only deep conditioner I have ever used and I think it works really well. I blow dry and straighten my hair almost every day so it gets really dry. I use this product a couple times a week and it really helps keep my hair smooth.

When I bought this product I went into the store frantically searching for an extremely inexpensive deep conditioner that would do in a pinch. When i got home and used the product i was pleasantly surprised because the product works so well! Now it's the only deep conditioner I use!

This product didn't work for me :( i'm kind of disappointed after reading so many great reviews.

I love this product! I have very fine hair but a lot of it. My hair is a very curly and wavy combination with lots of frizz. Plus my hair gets very oily in just one day. I used this product as a last resort to help with the craziness that was going on on the top of my head. I was shocked at the results, I mean, of course I went in expecting it not to work, but for a product that is around $5.00 and, makes my hair soft and manageable with out the fly-a-ways. That is truly a miracle! It keeps the ends of my hair soft and the top of my head mostly the crown area is so nice and smooth. All in all great purchase!

I love love love this product!! Since I have dry hair I use this as my actual conditioner and it makes wonders to my hair!! It smells really coconutty which I love! This is the HG product for my hair! I don't know what I would to without it! Plus is dirty cheap!

I like this product and it's been around forEVER! I leave it on damp hair for ~ 5 minutes and wash it out w/ warm water first followed by a shot of cold. Good, inexpensive, established product.

smells good. does it make my hair feel soft and silky? yes. did it perform a miracle? not for me. its a good conditioner but not life-changing.

This is an amazing deep conditioner. It makes your hair super soft and shiny. I also love that it was only about 3 dollars at my drugstore and you get a pretty good size amount in one bottle. It smells AMAZING.

really great product if you have dry, damaged overprocessed hair.

I love this product it makes my hair so smooth. I use heat on my hair everyday. Even though i use heat protectant i felt like my hair was damaged. I bought this product and have been using it for 3 weeks and it makes my hair look so healthy and gives it a shine i have so much faith in this product one thing i didn't like about it was the bottle didn't have a lid which made it messy

When I found this product, I fell in love. My hair is over processed and it makes it feel so unbelievable good. I cant express how much I love it.