Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

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YUCK!!!! My hair felt greasy and have tried other Aussie products and have not been thrilled with their results!

This product didn't work for me :( i'm kind of disappointed after reading so many great reviews.

I didn't really notice any difference in my hair when I used this product. It smelled amazing though, but I didn't not notice any change in my hair texture.

The product is good but the packaging is terrible for someone with arthritis, and squeezing the contents out of the tube. I can no longer purchase it because of this reason. Once you put the product on your hair, it works well.

Aussie products use to be my go to products,but after using higher end hair care,it just doesn't seem to get the job done as well.But for the price it is the best on the market.

smells good. does it make my hair feel soft and silky? yes. did it perform a miracle? not for me. its a good conditioner but not life-changing.

This product is ok . But I have very thick hair so it's not ok for me . It's a desent conditioner .

I used to use this, but have since discovered Aubrey Organics products. I use the Island Naturals shampoo and conditioner and the Sea Buckthorn Leave-in Conditioner. Much better for the environment and even better than Aussie for my hair.

This did help at first with my dry hair although after a few uses I noticed that it didn't seem as effective.

This has been getting a lot of great reviews, but I wasn't too happy with it. The smell was simply adequate, and I didn't feel like it really did anything for my hair...however my hair is very straight and thin, so different hair textures my have a different experience.

Not really a masque This works fine as a regular conditioner, but I don't find it to be very nourishing or softening. It does smell good, though, and the price is decent.

Wasn't bad, wasn't great I have type 2b/c hair, it was recommended to be safe for curly girl, and it is. I just didn't notice much difference like I thought I would. It's a good product for the price however, just not mind blowing to me

My friends told me that Aussie was about "four stars good". They said it might be good for my hair. I almost bought it today in the store, but i had second thoughts, because I have never tried Aussie before. Could I please have a free sample, then get back to you? I have a good feeling that I will like it!:)

I love this product it makes my hair so smooth. I use heat on my hair everyday. Even though i use heat protectant i felt like my hair was damaged. I bought this product and have been using it for 3 weeks and it makes my hair look so healthy and gives it a shine i have so much faith in this product one thing i didn't like about it was the bottle didn't have a lid which made it messy

I love this product! I have very fine hair but a lot of it. My hair is a very curly and wavy combination with lots of frizz. Plus my hair gets very oily in just one day. I used this product as a last resort to help with the craziness that was going on on the top of my head. I was shocked at the results, I mean, of course I went in expecting it not to work, but for a product that is around $5.00 and, makes my hair soft and manageable with out the fly-a-ways. That is truly a miracle! It keeps the ends of my hair soft and the top of my head mostly the crown area is so nice and smooth. All in all great purchase!