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  • AmandaEve011 By  AmandaEve011    

    Pretty good eyeliner for the price. It stays on...but I tend to like the gel eyeliner better!

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  • Sandy93 By  Sandy93    

    I really like the way this eyeliner is easy to use! I had trouble with liquid eyeliner when I first started using it, but after using this one I became a pro! It goes on so smoothly and stays on for a very long time. It is very easy to get the look you want with this eyeliner, whether it be bold or subtle.

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  • Jjohnston1 By  Jjohnston1    

    Goes on smoothly and stays on all day. I love that you can make a thin or thick line.

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  • yeniffergross11 By  yeniffergross11    


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  • Babyruth543 By  Babyruth543    

    Stays on all day! Love it!

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  • daisy7112 By  daisy7112    

    this eyeliner is really nice and it makes such a sleek defined line and it really is such a black black eyeliner

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  • snookietx By  snookietx    

    I have used this eyeliner for years and would never change. It is easy to put on and stays on. I have had women ask me about my eyeliner and wanted to buy it also.

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  • Jessgarcia100 By  Jessgarcia100    

    Stays on all day and very easy to use!

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  • Aroura By  Aroura    

    Goes on smooth and lasts all day. They should make other colors though.

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  • naomicyoder By  naomicyoder    

    This waterproof mascara is excellent. I love the brush and the way it is shaped.

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  • camocutie21 By  camocutie21    

    This was the best liquid eye liner I've tried. No flakes or cracks through out the day and no smearing. Just bold beautiful eyes

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  • sheri623 By  sheri623    

    I really like this liquid eyeliner. It's one of the best.

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  • annarae7268 By  annarae7268    

    I love liquid eyeliner, and this is one of the best.

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  • Mrsmac10 By  Mrsmac10    

    So I bought this recently, usually my liquid liner fave is almay but I would say this one is right up there with long lating liquid liners that stay dark... pet peeve of mine liquid liners that fade throughout the day, this one does not:)

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  • belle2425 By  belle2425    

    I like this eyeliner. It's very easy to use and very pigmented. It stays on all day.

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