Naked Juice Drinks

Naked Juice Drinks

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LOVE these! My favorite is the mango...I love that it has a little thickness/substance to it. They are a treat for me though, as they are too expensive for me to have in my home regularly. Nice way to get in some vitamins I miss in my not-always-so-healthy diet.

Love, Love, Love this stuff and so do the kids...GREAT way to get in some much needed nutrients.

I love love love these drinks. We are military and It always seems that we are on the go, and I have found that the best way to get in our fruits and vegetables is by drinking them. My commissary sells them failry cheap so we drink lots of them!

These drinks are really good. I couldn't believe that each one is full of fruit and veggies. I bought a Vitamix just so that I could try to make smoothies that taste as good as these. Still trying to perfect it.

i bought these for my husband to try and he absolutely loves these. I wish there were more coupons on these though.

SUPER SUPER GOOD! These are actully the only kinda of health drinks they sell at my store, so we buy them all the time and the flavors are great!

I realy like the tast of this juice even tho you have vegys in it it does not taste like it the price is a little bit high but well worth it.

These are great drinks but they are a little pricey. Luckly they are on sale at Costco's this month.

LOVE the protein and the green machine! Delicious and I can even get my kids to drink them!

I love these drinks!!! Every flavor I have tried is absolutely delicious! They are a meal replacement and keep me full for awhile. However, they are pretty expensive and its not something that I can get everyday. I consider them to be a treat when I do get them.

I love these. The Mango and Banana one's are the best. This is a good treat after an intense workout. I like to get alot of vitamins when I fly so I don't get sick and I load up on these drinks 2 weeks before I fly. I 'll drink 2 a day before I fly otherwise it's definitely 1 a day.

I drink these all the time, and so does my family. They are delicious and healthy.

My family loves these! I think they are pretty tasty but at times the texture can be a little thick for my taste. I think they are a great alternative to other sugary drinks.

I used to drink these all the time there great

I love these! I get them from the gas station when I'm busy running errands all day instead of getting fast food.