Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent

Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent

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I've really gotten into using these dishwasher tabs because they're so much easier to use with my dishwasher, , I can just pop one in and move on with life. this has not only the pressed Cascade powder, but some sort of the blue Dawn dish soap type liquid all pressed in a magical plastic pack that looks like a tiny pillow all you have to do is throw it in your dishwasher and bam your ready to go. You'll want to make sure not to have wet hands when handling these, because once the little plastic meets with water it starts to dissolve and they tend to stick together and I had 1 break apart. So far, all I've come out with are clean dishes. I've pretty much tossed everything in there that you could think of, and it comes out clean day old spaghetti sauce dishes, greasy stuff like the oil from the bacon on the skillet , the left over splatter on the microwave plate and this is all thrown it together in 1 wash, when the load was done I was skeptical because of using tabs in the past but wow my dishes and silverware were spotless. I highly reommend this product.

This product makes me like my dishwasher again! Before dishes were coming out, wet, spotty, food still on them, with a nasty smell! I loathed my dishwasher! But, now! TADA! I have found a few detergent, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

While I use this and think they do an ok job, I am wondering how others feel about the claim of not having to "pre-rinse". P&G is doing a big push to save water (which I totally support) but I cannot imagine sticking dishes straight in the wash without rinsing. These cascade pacs leave stuck on food even when I do pre-rinse as well as a white residue which another tester mentioned. And while not pre-rinsing may save water, it doesn't necessarily save time as you still have to scrape excess food before loading so it is one or the other. So I use them because it is simpler than pouring in the soap/powder but I don't buy the saving water argument. Maybe my dishwasher just isn't state of the art of something but it needs a little assistance beforehand or food just gets baked on further.

Wow this is great and easy to use it made my dishes spot less.

I have not had luck with them, I am getting white residue deposits on my utensils and plasticware also, can only be removed with white vinegar! If you have hard water, beware of these, use the Cascade Complete instead.......

So easy to use, my son even does the dishes now. The only thing we use on my home.

These are the best!

Easy, convenient, fast, simple, no it!!!

I love these as they are so easy and mess-free.

Fast, easy, and no mess! My dishes come out very clean. Love it!

These work great everytime!

I have used this product several times but have found Cascade Complete All in One Action Pacs for dishwasher to be a far superior product. I will buy this only if the Complete is unavailable because it is better than most other products. If you can find it try it and you will be a changed woman!

Perfect!! Just grab a pouch and done!

I never get the clumpy mess with these - unlike some of the others that I've tried.

These are my best friend. Dishes come out clean no hard water spot. Cute little things even make kiddos want to do the dishes.