Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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I love Aveda products but was not a huge fan of this particular product. My hair is fine with natural curl and it still got curly/frizzy as soon as I walked outside. I had to still use a flat iron daily. I also don't shampoo everyday so on my off day, this made my hair greasy but if I didn't use it, I was just as curly as ever -- it didn't keep my hair any straighter. I will say, on my shampoo day, my hair did straighten easier when I dried it but didn't necessarily stay that way.

I love and use few Aveda products but this one is not my fave. I think it does help we keeping hair straight but first it smells strange-not pleasant at all and the scent is around your face all day long. Second, it make your hair appear greasy and limp. As much as I wanted to love it, I just can't.

I have frizzy moderately curly hair - more than wavy. It said by the 5th application it would straighten the hair. I still had to use a flat iron after drying while brushing it. I also had to flat iron it the next morning, too. It didn't do anything about the frizz, either. I use the smooth infusion glossing straightener for some time when I flat iron my hair and that works very well, but I was not impressed with this at all. There is absolutely no change in the amount of curl in my hair after 7 washes now.

Ugh! I have to admit that I only used this product two times. I could not get over the horrible smell! It was difficult for me to use it the second time around. I do think the product works nicely, but good Lord the smell was horrendous! I'm not a person that needs to have pretty smelling hair products in order to use them, but I definitely don't like putting products in my hair that stink!

I love Aveda but I don't care for this product. I have very thick hair and for me by the second day it felt very greasy. I feel that I can get the same result with my straightener.

I am usually a big fan of Aveda, however I did not like this product. My hair is naturally very fine, wavy/curly and frizzy and after 2 weeks of using the product as directed, I did not notice any difference in the way my hair looked. It is still frizzy and it is no straighter than it was before. I actually feel like I have more curls! On the plus side, it did not weight my hair down. I also did not care for the smell of the product which reminded me of mosquito repellent.

I have not had grreat results with the Aveda Naturally Straight. It made my hair feel very heavy and it looked dull. Maybe this is better for someone who has really curly hair and mine is more wavy than curly

This product did make my hair straighter and less frizzy, however it left my hair with a heavy feeling like it had too much product in it. I was very careful to use minimal product each time and that didn't seem to help the heavy feeling.

I liked how easy it was to apply & it did control the frizz. However, I did not care for the smell of the product or how greasy it made my hair feel.

While it did help with the fly always, I think it was mostly because my hair was very greasy after using the product and it felt weighted down.

I was so excited to get this product from She Speaks! Normally I buy Aveda products for the awesome smell!!! I was a bit disappointed by the lack of the normal Aveda scent. The product did help to keep my hair straight after five days of use. However, my hair seemed very flat, a lack of it's normal volume. Also the product made my hair feel and appear greasy. Overall I was not very impressed with the product!

So far after three shampoos I have not yet seen any difference. Applying the product on wet hair in sections and blow drying, my hair is still wavy. I will try several more times to see if anything changes.

There are pros and cons to this product. First of all, I appreciated the packaging, which allows good control for dispensing as much or as little of the product that I want. The texture wasn't too heavy, which I appreciated as it didn't weigh my hair down. It was easy to apply throughout my hair. I noticed a moderate bit of straightening, but it didn't leave my hair as soft/smooth as my usual smoothing cream. Another thing I didn't like was the smell! This Aveda cream honestly smelled like pine-sol in my opinion, and it was the major down side that would keep me from purchasing the product.

Pros: This product made blow-drying my hair straight so much easier! I didn't really have to flat iron it at all. It made my hair feel soft, but also left it with a lot of body and movement. Cons: After the five days, I could feel the buildup on my hair, and in the mornings when I got up, it felt like my hair was plastered to the back of my neck. On the fifth day, it was very humid and my hair frizzed back up again. The product claims that after applying it five days in a row, your hair will stay straight for up to three days. Today, after the first wash without applying the product, my hair was all wavy again, so that claim didn't hold true for my hair. I would definitely use it again for days when I need to dry and straighten my hair quickly, but it won't be an every day product

This is nice smelling leave in conditioner made with great ingredients but I did not see any straightening effects on my hair :/