Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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i like this stuff

Took my hair from frizzy/waxy to straight with one application. I shampooed, conditioned and then applied this. The instructions say you should blow dry to straight iron. I actually just brushed and combed and my hair came out sleek and straight. This rocks. No more time consuming routine for me...wash, use Aveda Straight and go!

I am very excited to see the results since I just started using it today!!! Im also going to try leaving it curly so I can see if it controls the curls and frizz!!

I did use on towel-dried, still damp hair. I started by using approximately a small coin sized drop of Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight styling creme, applying it one section at a time. This did take up more time than I usually take. I did blow-dry my hair straight using a brush. My hair stayed so smooth! The extra time spent was worth the end result.

Just received the product but after watching the video I am super excited. I will be testing the product this weekend!

I just got this & I have to say after using it just once, I see a big difference. I love how it smells, how easy it is to distribute into my hair & it makes straightening my hair a breeze. I love it already! Excellent product

So far, so good! I used this for the first time today and thought that it did a really nice job. It definitely made straightening my hair easier.

Used it for the first time today and was impressed with the results - not surprising for an Aveda product. My hair looked smooth and straight. Loved the smell of the product. It applied evenly and did not feel heavy.

I tried the product last night and I loved how straight my hair was without being limp. It still had some fullness to it. Today I went to the gym and southern humid weather of southern Louisiana and my hair is still straight. I am excited to see the results after 5 uses.

I tried it today and it smells great and keeps my hair straight. I love this product!

I tried this yesterday on my daughter's hair (She has super thick, super curly ethnic hair) and it worked so wonderfully! I am excited to try this again on her.. It was easy to use, smelled great and left her hair smooth and shiny not greasy!! I was very very pleased with the results.. I normally spend about 4 hours blow drying and flat ironing her hair and this went much quicker and smoother. She's happy and so am I.. thank you..

I love many of Aveda's products, but Aveda Naturally Straight Smooth Infusion is absolutely my new favorite. I've tried the product three different ways: 1) In towel-dried hair without styling. 2) In towel-dried hair followed by blow-drying. 3) In towel-dried hair followed by blow-drying and straightening. All three methods delivered phenomenal, straight, smooth, silky hair. My favorite thing about Aveda Naturally Straight is the amazing frizz control. It's perfect for humid summer-into-fall days. It's pretty much makes your hair weather-proof, which is awesome. I can't wait to use it again. Oh, and it smells great, too! 5 stars.

I love Aveda. All ingredients are simple and pure. My hair completely transformed within a few days to a naturally beautiful, frizz free and completely straight. I also noticed quite a bit of shine to it which I could not see before because my hair was frizzy. I love the fragrance. Its not overpowering but light feminine fragrance. My hair looks smooth and silky and that makes me truly happy.

I used this two times so far and I really like it! It has added shine and frizz control to my hair, even in the hot, humid weather of the south. It stays straight all day long, which is not typical for me. My hair is naturally curly/wavy but flattens during the day. I usually blow dry and straighten it every morning (it is fine, thin, and shoulder length). I can't wait until the 5th day to see if it stays straight as promised. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I have naturally curly hair usually when I straighten my hair is already curly by the end of the day. While using this it kept my hair straight all day. Made it Smith and sexy