Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

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I tried Dryel with a wool rug. Not sure if that was the right product to try it on, because it did not come out smelling fresh and clean at all. I guess I will have to try it on a piece of clothing instead!

dryel is so easy to use and quick! love that i can now do dry clean only at home! i normally look and would put an item back bc i dont have many dry clean only clothes...now i can buy with out worrying when the next time i will remember to go by the cleaners to clean the specialty clothes! i can do it at home! cant wait until winter time to try it on all my sweaters!

I tried the Dryel on a new shirt that I had purchase and worn once. I did not want to wash the shirt yet, so I sprayed areas where I want to really test to see if the product worked. I also used Dryel on a pair of dark jeans that I wear for special casual occassions. Dryel worked well on both the shirt and the jeans. Both items smell fresh and Dryel is a less costly than a dry cleaners, especially when you just need to freshen up items you may have only work a few hours or one time. I would recommend this product to others and will purchase the refill kit to use again on my work clothes.

I used Dryel on one of my favorite shirts and a light jacket. They came out smelling fresh and ready for a girls' night out. It is definitely more convenient than dropping off at the dry cleaners. I would recommend this for a quick clean, but not sure how it would do on a heavily soiled piece of clothing.

This kit was a lot more convenient than going to the cleaners. And I really appreciated that my clothes didn't smell bad after they were done. I've had trouble at the local dry cleaners and am happy to say that I have a replacement!

I think this product is good to use whenyou need to freshen up something but it doesn't really need to be cleaned. I think I will use it between dry cleanings and for when I need to freshen up something. I don't like the chemicals and cost associated with dry cleaning, so I try to avoid clothing that requires it. But this product does make those items a little more practical. I like Dryel and am glad to have participated in this program as I probably woudn't have tried it on my own.

The Dryel kit is fabulous! I can't imagine using anything else for my important clothing items! It does the job beautifully. Thank you!

This was the first time for me trying this and i have to say i was very skeptical, i had a formal dinner to go to and wore a silk and lace dress,while dining my husband spilt some wine on my dress! I thought i would go the next day and take it to the cleaners but my husband said i should try that dryel ,i did think twice because i really did'nt want my new expensive dress ruined but i tried it .It worked great it removed the wine stain and got all the smells out from smokers around me! I was shocked ! I really thought i'd still have to take it to the cleaners! Works amazing and already bought 2 more boxes! Thanks for the opportunity to try this! I give it 5 stars for sure!

I loved this product. I haven't used Dryel in about 8 years and I have no idea why it has taken me so long. The spray really revialized my outfit and it is the outfit I was married in 12 years ago! Awesome product.

My husband and I loved it. The Dryell was a blessing because my husband had to go away on business and these days dry cleaners want too much and the use chemicals that are bad for the enviroment. We were both pleased how his clothes turned out. He hadn't traveled or used a dry cleaner in awhile but we both remembered the hassel of drop off/pick up and missing items, exspensive prices. Now that we are more eco-conscious we appreciate that the Dryell contains no phosphate, perchloridoethylene(perc), and trichloroethylene. It cleaned the shirts very well and even removed some stains near his under arms. It was just treat it, load it, and 3o minutes later they were done and looking amazing and ready to wear! My husband is so happy with it he says he wants to make a video of his next use and submit it so stay tuned!

I used the Dryel product to clean my husbands silk shirt and three scarves with silk in them. The shirt turned out smelling fresh, but was slightly wrinkled, considering it's clean on a fairly high heat in the dryer I expected it to turn out wrinkle free. If I had taken it to a dry cleaner it would have been, but I would have paid more! So, I guess it was worth a few wrinkles. My scarves turned out nicely, they were winter ones. None of these items were very soiled or smelled incredibly bad to begin with so it was really difficult to know for sure how well the Dryel worked. I'm not sure if it cleaned the items or just made them "smell" clean. I would like to try it again on something a bit dirtier, though I did spot that there is an additional item you can buy for "spots", which I do not have. I'm on the fence as to whether I would buy this. I usually end up taking most items to the dry cleaner, but i suppose for scarves and items that are not very soiled I would use this product.

The DRYER KI is very cool and practical I like the clean Dryel is very new and different the stain fight seem to work ok I don't personally likr dry cleaning because of the chemicals-but for an at home product Dryel is awesome.

I really like it, it worked perfectly for me and love the scent!!

I used my sample of Dryel on several of my winter sweaters before I stored them. I liked the scent and it did remove a spot from one of the sweaters that I hadn't been able to get out before. I will use this every time I put up my seasonal clothes.

I was able to use this on my niece's Prom dress....her mom was unable to buy one and we got this one for her free of charge and the dry cleaner wouldn't have had it back on time. I used the Dryel and it looked awesome!! All dirt marks from the bottom - everything was gone!! She was ecstatic and believe me so were my sister and I! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to try this - will be buying again and already have been raving about it!