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Tide Liquid Detergent 2x Concentrated with …

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Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

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Holy Guacamole

on Jul 03, 2010: I love guacamole and I cannot wait to try this recipe. Thanks!

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Can You Be Makeup Free?

on Jul 03, 2010: I hardley ever wear makeup and I might apply it on a special occasion. I do not like the feel of makeup on my skin and I make an effort to take care of my skin. All my life people have mistaken me for being at least 10 years younger than my current age and that is with me being overweight. …

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Women Bounce Back Better

on Jul 03, 2010: I think it depends on the man. Most men do not like to talk about things, but I think that they keep alot of their feelings within and mask alot of their feeling by either moving quickly into another relationship or withdrawing altogether. Most women do have a better support system, but women wh…