Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Sandwich Cookies

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I have loved Oreos since I was a child! Now that I am grown i still like snacking on them and love how they are accidentally vegan!

Classic How could you not love these? They always bring me back to being a kid and eating them. They will forever be my favorite cookie I usually have one container at my house constantly. The flavors are just perfect of chocolate and cream filling. They are the go to snack for me for most of my life.

Can't be beat If you have never had the pleasure of enjoying an Oreo, then you are missing out. Two Chocolate cookies with a creme filling in the middle is downright heavenly. For an added treat, dip your Oreo in milk and enjoy the goodness!

Best. Snack. Ever. One of the best snacks. My fiancé and I love them, especially when they?re fried!

too good these are addicting bc they are so good an easy to eat

Oreos are Yummy! I love Oreos!! They are the best cookie to dip in Milk. They are also a great ingredient for other recipes.

These cookies rock These are delicious I eat them all the time perfect snack for movies and binge TV shows excellent quality outstanding taste always fresh never disappointing so many flavors lots to love would buy these again

Tasty Classic cookie! Love me some oreos dipped in some cold milk! Can never go wrong with an oreo!

love my oreos! A classic treat, I love how I can used it in my baked goodies or enjoy it with a cold glass of milk!

Oreos and Milk or Coffee are the best treat I wish I could keep them in the house, but I am on weight watchers. I love to dunk them in cold milk or hot coffee. I also love the golden oreos. My kids love them too. Also great way to make a three layer brownie. One layer of Chocolate Chip Cookie dough, one layer of oreo cookies, top with brownie batter. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes (8 x 8 dish).

LOVE! Nothing can compare to the taste of an Oreo and milk, its a go-to in my household!

Delicious Cookies! Oreos are delicious! They taste awesome dipped in milk or dipped in peanut butter! The chocolate and cream flavors mix well, and Oreos is one of the best brands of cookies, Top 3 hands down!

Oreo cookies I have to admit it, I like these cookies. They are a great mix of sweetness of the cream and semi-sweetness of the cookie. I only have a couple at a time, because if I get more it is too much for me. And I'm sorry but I don't eat my cookies with milk. But I also separate the cookie and eat the cream first.

My family loves these. Me not near as much but they make a fun treat.

I have no self control Love Oreos by them self and love using them in recipes. I don't buy this as often as I would like but I have no self control when they are in the house and just continue to eat them. They are one of my favorite food item to add to deserts and they make them that much better. I also eat them by the self or with milk but you don't have to have anything and they are still very delicious Alone.