Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

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Love the help with the sensitivity. Love the foaming too.

This really helps with my tooth sensitivity and I do not feel that my teeth become dependent upon this toothpaste, meaning that I can change my toothpaste and the sensitivity does not return.

Good it helps most of the people with sensitivity,didn't help me but helped some of my patient!

Great for sensitive teeth however pretty expensive wish tey had more coupons

I have very sensitive teeth, and this product works great for for the issues I have. It's not for everyone, but I feel it does its a good job. I do think the packaging needs a little work though.

Cleans well but I just do not like the over bubbly feeling in my mouth.

While I don't enjoy the paying full price for this product I do love it. It helped my semtive teeth to where I can drink cold drinks again. I like the taste , feel and look of his toothpaste as well.

I have a prescription toothpaste I get from my dentist. Since I've started using this I haven't needed to use the prescription toothpaste hardly ever. My only compaint is the dispenser. There is product left in the container but the pressure part of it seems to be out. I can still get it out but I have to press hard on the lever and it comes out slowly.

Works well for the sensitivity but I found the dispenser would stop working with half the product left. It happened with at least half the cans I bought so I switched back to the regular sensodyne

It is definitely a good product! It relives painful sensitivity of the teeth due to cold, heat, acid (from lemon juice and vinegar usually), sweets or contact. It works!

It certainly helps to relieve the sensitivity. I rotate it along with my Rembrandt toothpaste and am happy with the results.

I have tried this product and it didnt really work for me. Also it didnt clean my teeth very well. They always felt dirty after I brushed

I use several times s week!! I have sensitive teeth and my dentist told me about this!!!

I have sensitive teeth and I love this toothpaste. My mother recommended it and I am so happy she did.

Really liked this toothpaste for about two weeks until I started getting canker sores non stop. As soon as I switched toothpastes, the canker sores went away. Bottle is very messy also.