Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

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My family and I couldn't get past the taste! I tried it over and over and couldn't use it. I'm very disappointed because I do have sensitive teeth.

OOPS, I did not know how to add the stars, I would rate it FIVE STARS! No real complaints at all!!! I was very happy with it, please know I wanted it to have all five stars. Thanks!

Not a fan.....I find the container messy, and the taste not impressive, it does not leave my mouth feeling clean at all. I will say my teeth seem less sensitive while using it, so for that it gets an "A". But given the other factors plus the high price I don't think I'll be buying it in the future.

The Sensodyne caused my gums to become swollen and red and to hurt really badly. I wanted to make sure it was that so I stopped using it for a few days. My gums felt better the first time I used a different toothpaste. I then started using the Sensodyne again, and the pain and swelling came back. I stopped again, and again, they felt better with only one brushing with another toothpaste. It also left a weird after taste in my mouth.

didn't like it at all. medicinal taste and chemically aftertaste. packaging is environmentally wasteful.

hey I didn't give it a one star!!!!!!!!!!

My son and I hated it. The foam made a mess on the container after it dried. The flavor was awful.

I do not like that toothpaste at all.. Yes it tastes good and the foaming does even go between your teeth but like an hour later I got these like white pastey things on my mouth it was a gooey feeling and ugh i didnt like it. The feeling and it got stuck on my tongue it lost my appetite. So i dont use it anymore. The only thing i liked about it was that it was in a can but other than that no way.

I have to say, sadly, I detested this product. It smelled and tasted like shaving cream. My guess is because of the aerosol container. My teeth and mouth did not feel fresh at all. do like other products made by Sensodyne, but this one I hated. Don't waste your money.

The toothpaste was good, however it is not easy to push the button to get the toothpaste out, so I give it a one star.

I hated this product! I figured the foam would get that 'in between' clean..but it made me gag because it expands SO much...quit using after a couple times...

Wasn't a fan... it had a strange after taste. Almost aerosol-ish.

Can't stand it! It foams up my mouth way too much, too much dispenses on my toothbrush, the flavor isn't very good, and it gets all messy.

I did not think this toothpaste was exceptional for sensitivity. I did not like the can with aerosol applicator, it always let out extra toothpaste, and created a funk on the inside of the cap, which I had clean off everyday.

I disliked how foamy it was in my mouth. I couldn't get past that and so I stopped trying it. My husband gave it a try and really likes the foaminess of it because for him it feels like it is really cleaning all areas of his teeth.