Pepsi  Throwback

Pepsi Throwback

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I love Pepsi it's the only soda I drink

Love the look and it did remind me of the Pepsi I drank as a teenager.

LOVE THIS! Brings me back home when my dad would buy these for me. Everyone has to try it!

I loved Pepsi back then and is my beverage of choice now. I like the taste a lot. Thank you Pepsi!

like this pepsi best

This throw back is a good choice, very light and less acidic flavor.

So delicious. It is a bit much if you're not expecting it but I love that it's real sugar!

great taste, it really lets you taste the flavor of the pepsi

Pepsi has always been my favorite drink and the Throwback takes me back to the day!

I like the throwback,reminds of the Pepsi we had as kids,love the taste !

I just love this it is superb

I think it tastes awesome! I'm all for having a choice in what I eat and drink. Both Pepsi's are fine, but the throwback takes me back to when I was a kid. Soda would be so sweet that you'd feel like you could just take off!! :)

PEPSI is the only brand I will buy, the Throwback is even better!

I don't drink much soda, but this is SO much better than regular Pepsi or Coke. It's lighter and just MUCH better in general. As someone else said, it reminds of the soda from when you were a kid. It's not heavy-tasting--just refreshing and light, and not artificial-tasting. All soda should be made with real sugar vs. HFCS.

Pepsi throw back... OMG this s the best soda ever . I don't find it very often but dollar general has them sometimes. Zo good I love this soda