Edy's  Fruit Bars

Edy's Fruit Bars

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These are very delicious, and better for me and my niece and nephews than popsicles!

This is the best frozen fruit bar I have ever had. No funny artificial sweetner after taste, just refreshing tasty fruit. I like the Lemonade and the Pomegrante. But the Lime and the Blueberry Acai are also very good. Oh and the Pineapple too! There is really pieces of fruit in every bar!

All i have to say is YUMMMM. I have a back up box in case i run out!

These are wonderful. Love that there is real fruit inside of them. My son's favorite is the strawberry.

These are by far my favorite frozen treat! I love the strawberry!

I love Ed's . This was delious and it is helping me to use as a healthy snack instead of eating chocolate which is very bad.

I LOVE these tasty summer treats. I literally have to buy 3 boxes at a time because I run through them so quickly. just thinking about them makes me want some. I'm heading to the store tomorrow to buy some more.

These are so good. I love the pieces of strawberry.

I love these....and the kids do to. They cool them down on a hot hot day here in Florida and also are too horribly bad for them!!!!!!!Yay for fruit bars.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the strawberry. Hubby loves the coconut. Real chunks of fruit in each bar. Gluten and dairy free. Very refreshing. We had them just last night after dinner

These fruit bars are great....very refreshing! Nice to have something that can help beat the heat and taste soooo good!

Love the coconut ones!

A cool, refreshing treat on a hot day or any day..many flavors too.especially love the strawberry..and LOVE whne they are on sale and I have a coupon too!!

My favorite fruit bars!

I bought these over the summer for my daughter . I liked the strawberry.....very refreshing.