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  • rileypark By  rileypark    

    Safety for my children is what I will splurge on. All our car seats have always been either Britex or ricaro. I have seen many other car seats (of friends etc) and they just don't seem as safe and secure.

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  • tiffsky80 By  tiffsky80    

    We purchased this for our daughter who is now six and just loved this car seat. We are now in the market for another car seat for our soon to be one-year-old son and are considering purchasing another Britax Marathon.

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  • kteslaa By  kteslaa    

    I love this car seat for the safety features. I researched many seats before getting this one. It is heavy, but that makes sense that it would be for safety reasons. It is nice to be able to remove the cover and wash. Pretty easy to adjust to growing kids.

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  • Desertrose81 By  Desertrose81    

    I love this seat. I got it back in 2008 when my son started to outgrow his infant carrier seat. I like that it has a bit of weight to it and has more foam then some of the other seats. The cover is soft and easily removed for washing. I like how easy it is to adjust the height of the straps and ease to buckle them. I used this seat for my son until he outgrew it for a booster seat and now I use it for my daughter. The seat is built well and is still going strong after 4 years!! I would recommend this brand and the seat for anyone looking for something sturdy and safe.

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  • TheHarriedMom By  TheHarriedMom    

    This is our second Britax Marathon car seat. it's safe, sturdy and not too difficult to install. They're not too heavy and we've even taken then on our vacations where we've had car rentals. My only complaint would be that the seat cover comes off a little too easily - it pulls back every time I put my daughter in the car, but I just pull it back over and it's in place again.

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  • littlebittyredhead By  littlebittyredhead    

    it's been a while since we need a britax, but that's what we used for our daughter. (she's now 9). we scrimped on many other things but not on the car seat. a safety expert at the hospital told us britax was the best...and it was. thank you for a great product

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  • acristescu By  acristescu    

    Best car seat on the market. I got so much use out of this car seat as it had the widest range of weight, my daughter enjoyed it and seemed very comfortable in it. Very nice that the entire cover comes off so you can throw it in the wash. Plus there are several replacement covers offered and really easy to switch out so if you have a girl and get pregnant with a boy they arent stuck riding in a pink car seat with flowers.

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  • coffeechic By  coffeechic    

    I have 2 of these carseats. They're a little heavy and a little bulky, but it makes me feel like my girls are safe in them. My six year old is so comfy in it, that she doesn't want to switch to a booster seat. Fortunately, she still hasn't reached the 65lb(if not 85) limit and is still short enough to fit well under the seatbelt :)

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  • amy6901 By  amy6901    

    Great car seat. although heavy, i dont take it in and out of the car much. we have car seats in each car. the safety features are worth the money and my boys seem to be comfortable in it.

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  • daisygirl673 By  daisygirl673    

    We have 2 of these carseats for our twins. They are soooo nice! Very comfortable for the kids, and very user friendly for the parents!

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  • Biancaarevalo By  Biancaarevalo    

    These are great car seats that are safe but they are also heavy, bulky, and not easy to move around from car to car if you have to. Overall, I would make this investment again and even twice for the extra car !

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  • itshotinjt By  itshotinjt    

    I wish people would be honest and not so lazy when writing a review... I have two of these seats and by no means are they lightweight! They are slightly bulky, however they are one of the safest rated seats. I did hours of research before purchasing the car seat. I not only looked at safety, but also comfort. These won out, hands down. They are a bit pricey, but you can't put a dollar amount on the safety of your child! I have also had a positive experience with customer service. In less than two years, the first seatcover's elastic was shot. I contacted the company and they sent me a replacement and had me send the old one back. It has now been 4 years and the elastic is still good. I am pleased with how large the seats are and even in long car rides, there has never been a complaint about discomfort. Also, taking off the cover the first time is a bit tricky and time-consuming. I took pictures as I was taking the straps out just to make sure that I put them back together correctly. After you take the cover off a few times, it is easy. I have washed the seats in the washing machine and never have had any problems with them falling apart or looking worn out. They also have many different designs for the covers which is nice. And the person's "review" (if you can call it that) that mentioned the recall, the recall was NOT for the Marathon seat.

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  • Kotalevi24 By  Kotalevi24    

    I love this car seat! It's very soft and sturdy!

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  • LoriJC By  LoriJC    

    A wonderful company making a very sturdy and reliable car seat!

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  • Amy131 By  Amy131    

    We *love* our Britax Marathons. We take them in and out of the car constantly as we also use them for the girls' school bus and with most seats, removing and moving the seats would be a constant headache. We find it to be easy and painless. They are heavy, but it speaks to the quality of the seat. The girls love them and find them comfortable. A great value for the money as we've been using them for almost two years already and will be using them probably for another two (they're nowhere near the weight limit). Woot!

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