Britax Marathon Car Seat

Britax Marathon Car Seat

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Britax issued a recall order on one of their carseats today due to unsafe harness mechanism. Please go to their website and make sure the carseat you are using is not one of the models that was recalled.

Not Good For Washing I felt that my child was safe and comfortable in the car seat until he got to the end stage of it, but not big enough for the booster. It was a PAIN to take apart to wash. Knowing there will be small children in the car seat for periods of time and may have a drink or a snack, they would make them a little more friendly to wash. Very difficult to put back together. I had to buy a knew one when he only used it for 2 months and I couldn't return it for a booster. So I had to pay more for a booster.

Fabulous carseat! The only comlaint is that sometimes the metal buckle does not fasten!

These are great car seats that are safe but they are also heavy, bulky, and not easy to move around from car to car if you have to. Overall, I would make this investment again and even twice for the extra car !

good quality and has lasted for both my kids

A wonderful company making a very sturdy and reliable car seat!

I really like this car seat it's easy to install and use. We even carry our son in it up the stairs while he's sleeping! Very light weight and great price!

I work for a law firm that deals with wrecks. When I had my daughter I asked them about brands. Britax is one that they listed.

These are pricey, but luckily my mother in law bought ours for us. My little boy did love sitting in it, and I felt that he was protected. His head didn't slump over when he fell asleep, like it did in other car seats. The only complaint I have is that you aren't supposed to machine wash the material. Obviously toddlers are going to have accidents, and I don't really feel that hand washing it gets urine or stains out of it good enough. We did put it through the washer and let it air dry. The material looks worn now. I don't buy anything that I can't wash in the washing machine, so it would be nice if they made a cover that could be machine washed!

I have tons of knowledge about carseats and baby gear of all sorts since I spent many years demonstrating and selling it all. When it comes to carseats, in my expereince most people shopped by price and what looked good or what fabrics felt soft. In reality this is not going to help when it comes to a car crash and keeping your child safe. The truth is whats behind that fabric. The Britax is one of the best seatbelts I have ever come across. They are known for their use of the same shock absorbing styrofoam that is used in bicycle helmets in their seats. When looking at any carseat, pull back the fabric because whats between the plastic frame and you're child's head is what counts, not the soft fabric that is not made for such impacts. I love the Britax carseats but in reality I know they are not exactly budget friendly. The good news is that many companies are now using the same styrofoam, it's just a matter of looking for it. Forget the color and fabric comfort and pull it back next time you look at a carseat. If there is nothing but the plastic frame then there is nothing that will help absorb impact from effecting your child in an accident. Go for the Britax but if budget concerned, REALLY look at the carseats in the store and make sure that there is something behind that fabric to keep your child safe.

ewst to clean. my nephew is usually a ,essy easter. this seat saves a lot of hassle.

My research for a convertible car seat started early since my infant was on the tall side. I had narrowed it down to the Roundabout and the Marathon. Since the baby had to sit facing the rear, I wanted a car seat that would fit in my car (Mercedes C- Class) and not disturb the front passenger seat. I purchased both the Roundabout and the Marathon so that I could test them out in my vehicle. After reading all the specs, the two car seats are practically identical in features with the exception of the weight limit. The Marathon goes up to 65 pounds while the Roundabout only goes up to 40 lbs. The marathon is on the larger side and worked out fine when it was installed facing forward, however it is impossible to use facing backwards. The back of the headrest butts up right against the front seat and you also have to move the front seat all the way forward. Anyone sitting in the front seat needs to be extremely short in order for this car seat to fit. If you are interested in this car seat, I highly recommend purchasing at a place that allows you to return it in the event that it doesn't fit. The car seat is very safe and highly recommended, however I would go with the Britax Roundabout. They are almost identical with features with the exception of the size. The roundabout only goes up to 40 lbs (as compared to 80 with the Marathon), however I believe a child would prefer a booster seat once they reach 40 lbs.

Perfect second car seat This is our second car seat that we keep in Grandma & Grandpas car. It is the smaller version of our Britax Advocate. I like that it has a steel bar for impact stability. It is not as comfortable it seems with extra padding as the Advocate. For times when we go to visit our family it is perfect. They did not have to spend a lot to get a fantastic and safe car seat.

Only seat we've owned for both kids. Love it.

I love this chair for my baby, but I find it a bit expensive, but is very safe.