Downy Simple Pleasures Fabric Softener

Downy Simple Pleasures Fabric Softener

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Downy smells great and the softness is hard to beat whenever I wash the sheets on my bed and blankets they smell so good after being rinsed with Downey

As an avid downy user, i love the smell of this scent. It makes your clothes smell amazing and the scent lasts for weeks. I still use downy in all smells!

I absolutely love the smell and the way it makes my clothes feel

Love this product! The smell is amazing! It's a little pricey, but the smell of it really does make the extra $ worth it, not to mention how soft it makes my clothing.

I freaking LOVE the Downy Simple Pleasures line. It makes me look forward to bedding wash day. Not only does it make crawling into magically soft sheets absolute bliss but it smells fantastic for DAYS! The only reason it doesn't get five stars is that it's on the pricy side so I have to reserve it's use to just bedding, towels and sometimes sweaters.

This smells absoultley amazing and I often use it with my tide detergent. It helps makes my laundry ultra soft and seriously is worth every cent.

The scent is bliss. I want to hold my nose to the container for hours. I love it.

Downy makes all of my blankets and sweater super soft. I recently decided to give it a second try and I really love it.

Love Downy products in general, leave clothes soft and with an agreeable aroma.

I love this product! The only thing I buy however the price is just so expensive but worth every penny. My clothes always come out smelling amazing and it lasts for days

This is the only fabric softener I will purchase. Love love the way it smells!!!!

I 100% love this product. The scent is amazing and it lasts long.

I love this product, lavender is my all time favorite scent. I use to be able to get it at a Club store. That's where I found it and started using it. Nearly a year later they stopped selling it. Bummer. I bought it a couple of times in a neighborhood grocery store and the price was a bit much. Then I found another brand after finding out that many of the stores I frequented stopped selling that fragrance.

LOVE Downy Simply Pleasures. The smell is amazing, and last for days. A bit too expensive but very worth it.

Oh yes, I am an all time fan of Downy for sure, this one is scented really nice and it is long lasting, only problem is it is really expensive and sometimes stains the clothes it added to the machine while clothes is in it. My machine is automatic so it locks and works with a sensor so opening it to add detergent doesn't always works. Love downy anyways.