Downy Simple Pleasures Fabric Softener

Downy Simple Pleasures Fabric Softener

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i to wanna try it plese send me sample

The scent of this product is way too overpowering. It smells more like a bouquet of chemicals with a splash of lavender. These companies need to start using more plant based materials and make formulas that are less toxic and biodegradable. This will not touch my skin.

I absolutely cannot use this line of fabric softeners. It constantly stains my clothes and I have to rewash them to get it out. Smells great but not good for clothes at all.

I love downy but no one in my house can use this because of sensitive skin. I wish there were more downy options that you could use with sensitive skin

Way to strong of a fragrance for me. I like something lighter.

Love the smell, not so much the price. Scent can be too much, but if you use half of what you are supposed to, it is perfect.

On the softness scale Downy is the best but I found the scent overpowering

the smell is great but I find it leaves some slight residue (?) on the clothes. Maybe I put too much of it?

Love the softness of the clothes, do not like the scent left on the clothes. I much preferred when laundry cleaning items were scentless. The cost pre load is a little to much.

I love the scent but I have to disagree with some of the other reviewers. I do not think the scent last all that long on clothes. It fades too quickly..

This downy simple pleasure fabric softener is a dream, the scent is wonderful but i am highly allergic to it, im not saying its bad and the cost id normal for the brand but if you have sensative skin stay away far far away.

I love the fragrance, but it doesn't seem to last as long as it used to - or at least to me. I find for the price, I can get others that last a little longer.

Love this fabric softener. Although I don't use it often I choose this one when I do buy it. I wish they would come up with more scent options. They seem to always be the same from brand to brand. It's a little pricy, too.

It works good as a softener, but I wasn't crazy about this scent. It doesn't smell strong or maybe it was just that it wasn't very pleasant smell.

Wonderfully soft & great smelling clothes! Just abit too strong for me.