Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer

Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer

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Ok,, I am going to be SO honest! I didn't give this to my husband (he's currently in school for the USN) , but instead used it for myself! I absolutely LOVED it! LOL The scent made me miss him, but the silkiness after wards was AWESOME! Totally will buy it when I run out !!!!

My husband really liked this product a lot... he has informed me that when he finishes this bottle that I must buy him another one :)

Provided great moisture and smoothness to the skin. Absorb easily without any irritation.

This is a wonderful product. My husband used it last week after he shaved and it is the first time he has not had irritated red patches after shaving. He said it did not burn and went on smoothly.

I had my husband try this out and so far he likes it. He says that it doesn't sting or burn and feels nice and cool when he puts it on. It works great for him and has helped a lot.

My husband and son love this. Said it made shaving much easier. They were fighting over it. So I guess this one's a keeper.

My husband really enjoyed this product. He thought it made his skin feel extra smooth.

My husband loved this! He liked the scent and texture.

My husband loves that he also recieved something that he could use in the kit. He loves this product, he uses all of the other Gilette Fusion products so this completed his line.

I gave this to my husband to use after shaving. He didn't care for it after using a couple times. It smelled fine, but it left his face feeling like there was a film on it. He also didn't care for the ingredients. He's really been into using more natural and organic products and he said it looks like this contains "every kind of paraben" there is!

I let my boyfriend try this on his freshly shaved face, and he really enjoyed it. He said the smell was great, and it soothed his skin. I also tried it on my legs after shaving, and although the scent could be more gender neutral, it did offer nice moisturization and did not cause any type of irritation. It went on light, absorbed quickly, and definitely did not leave a residue that lasted until the next shower. The bottle is rather small, I am assuming men would use very little on their face after shaving. For women, there are definitely other options, but for men, this is a wonderful product. I think if you shave properly with enough shaving cream and a sharp razor, there is no need for moisturization, but for those with sensitive skin or after shave issues, I would definitely recommend the Gilette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense soothing moisturizer. The only reason I gave it 4 stars, is because the scent alone really isolates this to the use of men only. Women could use it, but you would smell a lot like your boyfriend. =]

My husband doesn't usually use a moisturizer, but he liked this. His skin felt smooth and he liked the smell.

Smells so good and moisturizes well! My hubby likes it alot.

My husband loves this and it smells great! He will definitely be buying another package after this one runs out.

My sons and husband liked this. Liked the scent a lot, which is a major plus with them.