Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Sandwich Cookies

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Classic Go-To Cookie Oreo Sandwich Cookies are the best cookie for me. The classic flavor is one that I can enjoy anytime or anywhere. Oreo brand also offers many other flavors to enjoy as well.

This is the perfect cookie In my opinion Oreo double stuff is the ultimate cookie! There's nothing better than twisting open the chocolate wheels to reveal the sweet creamy treat inside. Like anyone's inner child insists on, I like the icing off and then devour the cookies with a calm and lasting slight side grin. I believe that if God were to make a cookie field, these would be the blooms that would flower the field.

Nothing compares Oh how I love these cookies. I love the middle and will twist the cookie off and then twist another cookie off and combine the two. I eat the cookie first then the middle. Some people dunk the cookies in milk. I just eat them by themselves and I love every last bite!

Oreos are the Best Oreos are my absolute favorite. Nothing goes better with a glass of milk! I like to dunk mine whole and I love them soggy so that when I get to the bottom of my milk glass there's always some soggy crumbs in the bottom left to drink.

Dunkin' Milk timie Hands down, my youngest son's favorite cookie! These never disappoint and always leave a toothy grin on all my kids' faces. Fork through the middle to dunk in milk is our best way to eat them. Of course, youngest tries to sandwich as much together... Yeah, he makes a mess. Oreos are consistent with flavor and freshness every time I buy.

Yummy for the tummy A childhood favorite and still a yummy treat way into adulthood! Love to dunk Oreos or just eat them plain. Delicious and now so many varieties!

These are one of my go-to cookies! Yummy with milk, peanut , or on their own!

Oreos are a classic cookie! I love eating these with a glass of milk! They taste great!!

A classic cookie for all ages I like the double stuffed oreo cookies with a big glass of whole milk. I have to only take two or three out of the package or I would eat a whole row. My 2 year old grandson loves these and the mini oreos.

My all time favorite cookie These are the cookies you hide from your kids....lol. I share a few then hide these precious oreo cookies for myself. Perfect balance of cookie and cream

Best Cookie Nothing beats a classic oreo with a glass of milk and of course you can't eat just one, they are truly delicious!

The best 2 in 1 cookie Oreos are like having two cookies in one because you can eat half with the cream and then have the other half as a regular cookie without cream. The taste is so nostalgic most consumers have eaten Oreos since they were kids. There's so many things you can do with these amazing cookies. And they have so many different flavors. I will always recommend Oreos.

Yummy Absolutely love Oreos and they are the best for dipping in a glass of milk!

The best Oreos, one of the only cookies I'll buy in a store, double stuff and lemon are my favorites.

I love Oreos. They are the perfect snack when you just need something sweet. I really like the mint Oreos as well. A few years ago they had some Marshmallow Crispy oreos which may have been limited edition because I haven't seen them in years but they were soooooo good!