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Oreo Sandwich Cookies

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Chocolate Eggs & Jelly Beans: Win a Basket of Sweet Treats in the #SheSpeaksSweet Giveaway

on Apr 14, 2019: Lol it says this giveaway was over last year!! 🤣 Giveaway is open through April 21st, 2018!!! ( A misprint I'm sure) Im an Oreo kid from way back!! 🤗💕💖

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12 Days of SheSpeaks, Day 4: Win a Steaks & More Gift Set from Omaha Steaks!

on Dec 06, 2018: Most of my family has gone on to heaven. I'm trying to start new traditions with my new family members (what little there are of them) but they just don't seem interested. This time of the year has just become depressing to me. It doesn't even feel like its anything special anymore. Most days I …

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Why You Should Makeover Your Makeup & Enter the Sephora Gift Card Giveaway

on Sep 27, 2018: I've got all of you beat I'll bet! I have several brands and items that I've had for going on 15 years! I stopped wearing makeup for a long time but I never tossed my stuff out. I recently started wearing it again and just dragged out the old makeup stockpile lol I've got stuff that I had before m…