Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup

Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup

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I am a huge fan of Pumpkin anything AND I love Torani Syrups! Once I saw these syrups being used in Coffee Shops I had to try it for myself. The Pumpkin flavor is very strong in the syrup. I love pumpkin spice flavored creamer and I think I was expecting more of the spice taste, but that was not as strong. I added the syrup to unflavored coffee, adding a little skim milk and it was good! I also tried the Pumpkin Pie flavor with Pumpkin Spice Coffee and it was out of this world! Great taste combo! When I added steamed milk and froth to the coffee I had a perfect and FREE Pumpkin Spice Latte. This syrup is also good in hot chocolate, on oatmeal and mixed into whipping cream for the topping of any pumpkin pie! Can't wait to share it with my friends.

I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed the pumpkin pie flavor! The mixture of spices was pleasing to smell and a pleasure to taste. Torani products only require a small amount to add flavor and the pumpkin pie is delicious without added sweetner.

Tonight I broke out the Pumpkin Pie Syrup made with Splenda and "0" calories. I brewed a single cup of New England Colombian decaf. Again, no additional sweetener was needed. I creamed the coffee with a good natural dairy creamer. I found the spicy flavor delightful and not at all over powering. Next time I may add a bit more to see if it is bolder. But as I am drinking it right now, it is delightful. (Full review on

I so want some I love anything pumpkin and so does my family.

his syrup adds a great taste to your coffee that tastes natural, not artificial with a bad aftertaste. I also tried it in my oatmeal which was delish! I am having a party and will leave it out for others to sample, hope they enjoy it as much as I do!

I love the Torani pumpkin pie flavor it's so yummy. I have used it in my coffee and cappuccino. I really enjoy this flavor. It is the perfect blend. I make my own cappuccino at home. I add some whipped topping and it's like eating pumpkin pie. My son added some pumpkin pie flavor to his origianl oatmeal this morning. I tried a bite and it was really yummy and tasty. I like that you can use Torani flavor for drinks and food. I highly recommend Torani.

This syrup adds a great taste to your coffee that taste natural, not artificial and with no aftertaste. I can't wait to try it out in some recipes while cooking!

I received the Pumpkin Pie flavoring in my sample package and it was amazing, it reminded me of all things fall and being back home for Thanksgiving, it was just right with sweetness. Mmmm definitely worth trying.

The Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup is really tasty. One thing that I agree with some others is that the pumpkin flavor is a little heavy and the spice flavor is a little light. It was a great drink and I would recommend to other pumpkin lovers. I thought the flavor as smooth and made a really nice cup of coffee. Thank you for allowing me to have my pumpkin spice latte at home! I do love that part of it.

The only reason I am not giving this product a higher rating is because it was sugar-free. I'm really opposed to using artificial sweeteners and I think they give the product a bitter aftertaste, which I definitely noticed in the Pumpkin Pie flavor. HOWEVER, I am a huge fan of Pumpkin-flavored products and I was actually surprised by how nicely it tasted with a little coffee and milk. It blended together very well and gave my coffee a little spice kick that it needed. That being said, I probably wouldn't buy Pumpkin Pie just because they make a creamer that is Pumpkin Spice which is NOT sugar-free, so I wouldn't feel bad about drinking it. The sugar-free part of this syrup truly was the only downside.

So I am new to making my own Coffee-house inspired styles at my home...But the flavor lends itself so well, I really found it simple to brew a pot, add Torani some whip cream and fresh ground cinnamon... Delish!! The pumpkin pie was my first try. i just tried a litle drop by itself just to get the flavor first....sweet but very true to the pumpkin pie taste, then made myself my very own pumpkin latte. easy, simple and Tasty... My new fave.. well until I create a Hazelnut creation!!

I recieved this in my sample pack to try... It is DISGUSTING. My coffee tasted like it had raw pumpkin in it. Maybe I am used the the Pumpkin Spice version that Startbucks has. This product didn't have a "spice" flavor to compliment the pumpkin. I will definitely not use this product again.

the pumkin pie was pretty good, i poured alittle in my coffee along with some coffeemate mmmm, my daughter especially loved it. will be giving my friends some of the coupons, i know they will love it!

Torani pumpkin pie syrup is VERY tasty in a variety of drinks and desserts.. I love it in my coffees but its also tastey in hot chocolate .. I also love that ot comes in a suger free type as well so my husband who is on a suger free diet can enjoy it.. :)

well i really liked this torani pumpkin pie syrup alot i am going to try it out on all my family and friends i have a bunch who are very finikey and don't believe in trying new things but i will let you know how things go and thanks for letting me do this too