Benefit They're Real! Mascara

Benefit They're Real! Mascara

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This is my favorite mascara.. I have rather short eyelashes, and I just fell in love the first time I used this mascara. And I've tried hundreds.. Whenever I use "They're real" people actually ask me if I have falsies on. Love love love this product. Doesn't clump, it's not too watery or too thick. Just perfect!

I love this mascara for my straight lashes, I just wish it came in waterproof, and less expensive!

My absolute favorite mascara ever! I love the brush, especially the end which is great for getting the bottom lashes and those tiny little ones close to the tear ducts. Great length and volume, doesn't clump, doesn't flake, doesn't smear, doesn't make my lashes feel stiff or brittle and is extremely buildable. I savor the stuff like it's gold. Works well with primers as well. Does dry out quickly though which sucks but the product itself is incredible!

Oh man! Best mascara I have ever tried, and I have tried A LOT of them! I tend to not buy the same mascara twice, since I'd never really found anything that I loved enough to end my search for something better, until I found this little tube of magic! It adds length and volume and keeps away clumps...holy grail of mascara!

On the pricey side, but really good mascara! Does not clump.

this is a good mascara, I think it clumps the lashes a little bit tho. the brush is AMAZING I love the tip because I can get all the little mini lashes. but its a pain taking it off, and its a little bit pricy

This mascara is magical when it comes to lengthening lashes.. However, the tube dries out at an accelerated speed. Mine lasted about two months, then I had to throw it away. Huge disappointment.

This mascara was great. I usually wear 3 different mascaras everyday to achieve my desired look but I only needed this one to get there :)

Love this mascara, I have blond short eye lashes and this godson smooth, coats the with out clumps am them look natural and long. Love the wand it gets even the tiniest of lashes.

Great mascara. Lengthens, plumps, and doesnt clump. I love how this mascara gives me an extra boost and really makes my makeup standout. Overall its worth the price, its one of those products that make you feel extra sexy!

The best mascara for me! I am asian and my lashes are thin, you can't tell if I have lashes unless I put mascara on. I have used other mascara, but byfar this is the best one. It volumizes it and lengthens my lashes..

By far, the best formula in mascara that I've used. I have dark blonde lashes that are average length and sparse at the outer corners due to post-mascara curling damage. I received this as a birthday gift from Sephora so it was a no-harm, no-foul freebie. The wand is full and you don't have to pump the wand for it to pick up a generous amount of tbe creamy gel-like formula (pumping is a huge no-no for mascara integrity, btw). It applies rather wet but it lays down an awesome one-coater perfection. If you feel the need to do a second, don't wait til it dries because it tends to really clump up layers. Be sure to curl before you apply this formula though. It has such a nice finish, crimping it would ruin the lushness. If it weren't for the price, I'd continue to buy this mascara. Though, it is a treat worth gifting (to yourself or from others!).

AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! LOVE this mascara so much. The brush is amazing. I love the formula, very long lasting. Gives volume and length. Totally recommend this!

I really really like this mascara. it lengthens and separates my eyelashes very nicely and i never clump. I think it could make them a little longer, but it does a really good job. it helps make them look a little thicker too.

It is a great mascara but too expensive