Benefit They're Real! Mascara

Benefit They're Real! Mascara

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This mascara is magical when it comes to lengthening lashes.. However, the tube dries out at an accelerated speed. Mine lasted about two months, then I had to throw it away. Huge disappointment.

i dont like this mascara, it flakes off and makes me look like i have even more dark undereyes ,and somehow still take forever to get off your lashes

This mascara was ok. It did make my lashes thicker but it clumped up way too much.

I was really excited to try this, but was a little disappointed, fo me, it clumped.

It is a great mascara but too expensive

This mascara is very unique, with combs on the top point of the brush as well as around the sides. It stays on very well, smudge proof for sure. Although, it is rather expensive. I recommend the Maybelline The Rocket mascara which I have found is a very comparable drugstore alternative.

3/5 stars beacause for me this is not that I would be purchasing the reason it's because this mascara it's already pricey and on top of that you need a special remover to take off this mascara and even then it's difficult to remove it, it does make your eyelashes very big and pretty but I would prefer something else, this is just my personal experience for other people it's very worthed.

It did make my lashes look longer which I've always had trouble finding a mascara that makes me look like I actually have lashes but 1.) it's a bit pricey for me 2.) it flakes off and makes my lashes dry looking 3.) hard to get off. Luckily, I didn't waste money on this, my cousin gave me hers because she hated it.

This mascara for me did not make my lashes any different than any other cheap mascara would do. i use this only if im just running to the store. it doesnt give me volume and gives minimal length. i purchased a full size so im goi g to use it up because it is so expensive. it is very difficult to get off. i didnt want to pay the high price for the remover since i wont repurchase the mascara. needless to say i have to scrub my eyes with waterproof removing cleanser to get it off. i do have to say it lasts awhile in the tube. ive had it about 8 months and it still hasnt dried up.

Pretty Good My hopes were too high for this product. At around $24 I was hoping for a life changing product. I found it to be a bit gimmicky. It is pretty good mascara it does what it says it will. It does give your lashes a lengthened look, but that's all it does, no curl or great effect. I don't hate it but I probably won't repurchase.

Real lashes Very awesome I love it. Makes lashes seem fake. Comments all day!

Flakes under eyes. Makes lashes look super long but after several hours it starts to flake.

Oh yeah, they are real, girl! I love this mascara and have been a fan of the Benefit brand for ages. They are a fun brand that has some amazing products. This just isn't a fun quirky product, though. It really does bring out the length and volume that you've been looking for in your lashes. I like how dark it made my lashes look, too.

It does really good job of lengthening and I love the big brush, however it doesn't hold my curls very well.

Wiggle the brush at the base of you lashes for a WOW wide eyed look. Love these!