Hershey 's Candy Cane Kisses

Hershey 's Candy Cane Kisses

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These are my most favorite Kisses. I love them and look forward to them coming out during the holidays. I love the texture though some people say it tastes grainy once the chocolate dissolves. Still have a bag left over lol!

These are by far my favorite kisses! Lucky for me no one else in the house likes peppermint so I get a bag to myself each season. I am trying to lose weight though, so I limit myself to 1-2 a day - a little indulgence goes a long way - especially with these delightful candies:)

these are delicious! oh my god! but I am restricting myself to more nutritious sweets :(

I absolutely, love the White Chocolate mint Hershsey Kisses. I wish they were around all year long. They are better then any Peppermint bark candy out there. If I buy a bag I will eat the whole bag, so it is better that they are only offered at Christmas time. I hope they don't discontinue the candy because they are my favorite. They are also good on pertzels, When you melt the chocolate inbetween to pertzels yummy.

I love anything Hershey! And I love this new holiday edition as well! I hid a few away for myself for later lol !

Yummmm! These are really nice. Just the right amount of sweetness and cool mint flavor.

I really like these. I too am not a huge fan of white chocolate, but when combined with peppermint it is amazing! These are just the right size for a tiny treat!

I love these. So delicious and they melt in your mouth. I melted some in my morning coffee...yum. White chocolate peppermint mocha. Need I say more?

I tried these for the first time and they are wonderful!

I love the taste of these and even bought them for our work candy dish. My kids love love them too. I decided to use these to add flavor to my christmas cookies.

I don't like candy canes but these kisses are amazing!! The white chocolate really cuts down the peppermint flavor. There is just enough of a hint of peppermint. I love, love, love the pieces of candy inside.

I adore these!!! I am a big white chocolate fan and I love the minty flavor and the bits of candy. Adictive!

Generally not a white chocolate fan but these are unbelievable. Good peppermint taste too, no fake after taste. Probably a good thing they don't make them all year round........I buy candy to put on my desk for visitors that I know I won't like, not so true this time around, you know who ate most of them.

What a dekicious treat for this time of year..anything Hersheys is always yummy..and with mint..candy cane mint..well can't get better than that...

These are one of my favorite Kisses they make! I look forward to them every year and I'm sure to stock up! That extra little crunch of peppermint inside seals the deal!