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Trader Joe's Grocery Store

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Great prices on obscure items!

Heard do much about Trader Joe's from my daughter I wish we had one here in Lancaster County!! Come one Trader Joe's!!!!

I find the associates to be very friendly and helpful

My ONLY complaint is that I wish it was bigger. (It can get pretty crowded in there sometimes.) Otherwise, the staff is great and the selection is fantastic!

Great store but very small selection of groceries. Prices are cheaper than Whole Foods but Whole Foods has more to offer.

Cheaper than the regular grocery store and MUCH better products. The only downside is selection - sometimes I have trouble finding specific ingredients (for example, they don't carry all baking supplies all year).

Love love love love this place! I live about 20 minutes from it and wish it was closer! My family lives 2 hours from me and keeps saying they need to open a Trader Joe's in the Akron, Ohio area. Hint, hint.

We visit Trader Joe's often. I love that they always have organic fruits and vegetables. I also like being able to get good deals on stuff like granola that seems to be hard to find at regular grocery stores. The problem that they all seem to have is the actual store is TINY, and that gets annoying quickly since we have three children. I also wish they could take WIC checks since the program recently added fruit and vegetable vouchers.

I had longed for a TJ's to open near me, and they did in my city! I love the quirky, creative store, but it doesn't have everything. My husband was very disappointed in price/selection of fresh meat and fish (he is a cheapo, though). Produce wasn't amazing, but Ill stick to farmer's markets when I can. Definitely better priced than Whole Foods (TJ brand allows it to be cheaper), but less to choose from as they are smaller stores. I couldn't do all my shopping here, but when I go, I like to purchase frozen fruit such as berries and mangos, bulk items such as dried fruits and nuts, hard cider, and the occasional other goodies.

I love Trader Joe's and have been enjoying there product for 10 years or so. I'm so thankful that there are TJ's stores in Atlanta - there's just not one close enough to my house for me to go as frequent as I would like. It usually is a special trip to make it to TJ's but if it were closer I would shop there multiple times a week. Great products at great prices. Everyone in my family loves that place!

TJ is a much better "bang for your buck" than Whole Foods. I just love the Whole Wheat Pizza Crust. Very good selection and helpful staff. The one complaint I have is that they are inconsistent in keep product(s) lines available. I've bought a couple of different things and when I went back for more, was told, they no longer carry that product. Very frustrating, especially when you are trying to get 2 picky kids to make good food choices.

I try to get to Trader Joe's every time I visit my parents (it's the closest one to my home and it's 2hrs away). The selection is often limited, but what there is, is almost always excellent and well priced. There are times I will find something that I really like and I go back a couple of months later and it's not in stock. I have had my Mom buy stuff for me since she shops there every week. She can catch items when they are in stock.

Trader Joes truly ismy second home. It really is a storeyou have to take your time i. I have shoppe here for may years and still takemy time going through each aisle and learning about all the products the have. The prices are inexpensive because TJ's cuts out the middle ma, and by doing this, they have full control of all the products they sell. The only thing TJ's lacks is an extensive produce section. Other than that, it is my favorite grocery store by far!

OMG! Why isn't there one down the street from me? I love this store!!! It's got the best stuff! Cheap, delicious wine! Yummy cookies! The Dark French Roast Coffee is amazing!!!!!! LOVE IT! Love the store!

I'm not a big fan of this store. Yeah, they have unique products, but they have a terrible selection!!