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  • TaylorMozer By  TaylorMozer    


    Leaves my body soft and smelling great. Comes in many scents and also available with sensitive skin

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  • ClaudiaSpeaks By  ClaudiaSpeaks    

    Skin feels great

    Smell = delightful My skin = so soft My husband likes it as much higher as I do we both have sensitive skin.

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    Do not drying my skin!

    I really like go refreshing smells this Dove Go Fresh Bar soap. It cleans gently my hands without drying them.

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  • SamNau By  SamNau    

    Pleasant Scent

    I?m regular user of Dove products. Dove Beauty Bar makes my skin soft and smooth and scent is quite pleasant. Overall Dove products are my favorite.

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  • DaniiRose1 By  DaniiRose1    

    I fell in love

    Smells SO amazing, left my skin soft and glowing. 10/10 would buy it again!

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  • tlw871 By  tlw871    

    Love the soap

    Love the smell. Leaves skin smooth with that fresh and clean scent however I did not like the the "scent" did not last long on me.

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  • winchamp By  winchamp    

    Smooth Creamy Soap with Great Scent

    Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bars are affordable and smell nice. I love the cucumber scent. It is one that works for the entire family. Smooth and creamy. Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized without soapy feel afterwards.

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  • Clayrene776 By  Clayrene776    

    Love it

    My favorite commercial soap bar brand. This one is simply amazing! Light, fresh and leave the skin replenished and soft.

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  • Shannansanford92 By  Shannansanford92    

    Smells good

    For a nice refreshing clean and a great smell definitely use this . And it?s best brand of soap out there

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  • Astroash25 By  Astroash25    

    Soft moisturized skin

    I have always loved Dove soaps. Makes your skin feel soft and moisturized. The scent is fresh and smells great throughout the day.

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  • sevyyy By  sevyyy    

    Dove why not

    I love this project it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and it smells wonderful

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  • GarfieldMichay By  GarfieldMichay    

    Favorite Beauty Soap

    I am someone with very sensitive and acne-prone skin, so I opted to always use mild soap. Of all mild beauty soap in the market, DOVE beauty soap has always worked for me. Since then, I guess it's almost 6 years now that I am using any variant of Dove soap. I highly recommend this, men or women could use this soap. Big thumbs up!

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  • Anallye By  Anallye    


    THIS IS THE BEST SOAP IVE EVER USED. MY skin is very sensitive and I can only use certai items and this one is by far the best for me

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  • 4vonnie By  4vonnie    


    Dove products are amazing, from skin to hair. Dove was the soap that my Nanny used. This product leaves your skin soft. I have very dry skin. With the dry skin is the tight feeling which I do not get with Dove.

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  • Kariganson91 By  Kariganson91    

    Worked great for me! I really enjoyed this product and plan on buying again in the future. I have recommended it to my friends and my family.

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