Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bars

Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bars

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i tried it and love it. it smells really good too

I did not like this soap bar at all because it didn't really lather so it was difficult to tell if I was even using any of the soap.

I love Dove, but I really dislike this particular one. The scent is what drew me to this soap, but once I used it I had to get rid of it. It didn't make me feel clean at all. I felt like I had to wash more than twice in order to feel clean versus using other types of Dove soap bars, and on top of that it left my skin feeling dry as well. I would compare this soap to Dial which I would never recommend.

I dont like this scent, but I do love the Reg scent.

I actually reviewed this product directly on the dove site as well. I was so upset by this product. The scent was so strong and it left this dry, flaky feeling to my skin. I was not impresed by it and wouldn't recommend buying to you.

Smells great....but I'm still itchy & dry after....the bodywash is better!

the smell isnt that great.

Love the smell and low residue, but makes my skin breakout in the summer time. I use this only in the fall winter months

Smells great and leaves skin smooth. Doesnt take dirt off very well. Good for someone who doesnt get very dirty.

I really want to like this, but it always breaks me out. I love the smell and how it makes my skin feel after I use it, but then it breaks me out.

I'm not a fan of this soap. However it is one of the gentler bar soaps. It does clean you and has a okay scent. To me there are just better soaps out there.

I do like how this makes my skin feel.

So soft love it I buy the rose to

I actually don't care for these as much as the regular Dove bars. I'm not sure why, but I find them to be less moisturizing, and sometimes the scents can be a little bit overwhelming for me. The lather is nice, and they work okay for shaving with, but I think that these are dependent on the person who uses them.

Though the scent is lovely...I find it drying to my skin