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  • CHRISTINE24666 By  CHRISTINE24666    

    Funny, but still not better than The Simpsons or South Park.

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  • JEM4612 By  JEM4612    

    Very funny show! Like the last post, I wouldn't recommend the show for anyone who gets offended easily.

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  • beagle_luvr1 By  beagle_luvr1    

    i think it hilarious!!!

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  • katanaavion By  katanaavion    

    It is a funny show. Very inappropriate for children, and can be extremely disgusting at times, and is offensive to many different people for various reasons. It makes light of some very serious situations, which may be funny to some, but is also extremely insensitive and disturbing to the people it is making fun of. All in all, I generally like this show, but I wouldn't recommend it to many people I know.

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  • ferretkitties By  ferretkitties    

    I love this show. My boyfriend got me into the show a year or so ago, and since then I'm now the one telling him that the show is on.

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  • pynkii By  pynkii    

    i just started watching this show not to long ago and i like it. i think its very funny. it makes me laugh and i dont see nothing wrong with it.

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