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  • estephanie By  estephanie    

    My dog lives for these things (which is a blessing, as she has some funky nasty breath!). They make her smell 10x better. I do agree that they are expensive, but they freshen my dog's breath better than anything else I've tried.

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  • kathydcat By  kathydcat    

    I feel this product is too expensive, for what it does.

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  • bas0212 By  bas0212    

    I love giving my dogs theses treats! Their breathe smells A LOT better and it keeps them occupied for a while

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  • LaurenLovesMakeup By  LaurenLovesMakeup    

    only one of my three gogs actually liked these, but they made his breath small much better. so it was worth it.

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  • Rmsmith By  Rmsmith    

    I have pugs. Pugs are pigs. They loved them however, the added calories were not a good diet choice for my dogs.

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  • reds121 By  reds121    

    I have a terrier, and she loves these. I do try to get small ones for her to be careful because she will eat them really fast.

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  • katievj00 By  katievj00    

    my little chiauhua puked when he ate these! poor baby

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  • LAMP565 By  LAMP565    

    I have a Jack Russell Terrier & she loves Greenies. The price is a little steep though.

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  • maty45 By  maty45    

    My dog LOVES them! For people saying they cost to much. Its a good thing, you shold NOT feed them to your dogs more then maybe once a week. They are hard to digest for dogs, so feeding to many can cause them to get stuck in the dogs stomic.

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  • candersen By  candersen    

    my dogs love them ,a little costly for me.

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  • yooperbug By  yooperbug    

    My dogs love these! I agree on the price being a bit high.

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  • jessicady1 By  jessicady1    

    My dog really loves them. They make his breath almost minty fresh.

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  • shastadaisy88 By  shastadaisy88    

    I got this product for my dogs and cats and they absolutely loved it. It made their breath more pleasant and they loved the tastes so much they kept begging me for more.

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  • villahills3 By  villahills3    

    This is a great product. It does everything it claims to. Clean my dog's teeth and leaves his breath very fresh which is quite a feat.

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