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  • momofbr2 By  momofbr2    

    These are great as long as you don't just throw them in the diaper bags. If you generally keep them right side up they are great. My favorite are the ones with the straws

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  • Amanda_Ellis By  Amanda_Ellis    

    My daughter used these exclusively and I had to buy one in every color they had. Hers never leaked or made a mess, and I loved that they were cheap. :)

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  • Jiskra29 By  Jiskra29    

    I loved these when my daughter was a baby, she was exclusively breastfed till 10 months and wouldn't take any bottle or sippy cup except the nuby brand. I had no problems with them 3.5 years ago. I've bought them for my son who is 11 months right now and he is a very curious baby and loves to bang these on the floor and squeeze the nipple so of course there is some spilling. He loves to drink from them, just wish he didn't want to play with them more then he drinks from them.

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  • shir12095 By  shir12095    

    I tried this with my son and i was surprised he started sipping at with no problem. But the only thing is that it still leaks.

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  • lilmommaof3 By  lilmommaof3    

    These things leak like crazy!! I'll only use them if I want milk all over my couch!

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  • adrina619 By  adrina619    

    My Daughter Is 4 And Still Stuck On This Sippy Cup.... Wouldnt Know What To Do WithOut Them!

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  • tashar27 By  tashar27    

    My daughter loves these cups but if your child likes to chew on them they wont last long. On the other hand they are cheap in price.

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  • Rnkmom By  Rnkmom    

    I don't own one of these sippy cups but my daughter used one at a friends and it leaked all over. I think the hole was too large for her and she ended up getting all wet. I wouldn't go purchase them myself.

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  • lauris123 By  lauris123    

    I love them, it was really easy for my baby to hold her cup and they are really easy to clean as well.

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  • akearney By  akearney    

    I threw all of my Nuby cups away and replaced them with Playtex cups. I thought I would like these because they were BPA free and inexpensive, but I had so many problems with the nipple collapsing on them and the would leak everywhere. Milk would literally pour out of them if you didnt have it on perfectly and they were a pain!

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  • deefbi By  deefbi    

    My daughter loves hers. It has spilled a few times and I wish the nipple wasn't so easy to pull off, especially with a curious kid!

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  • goinggreener By  goinggreener    

    I really like these for my daughter. It is the perfect size for her to hold and if it does leak, it's very little.

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  • metcala By  metcala    

    I do not care for these sippy cups. The top part that they drink out of has small spaces that are difficult to clean out. I also had trouble with them leaking.

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  • LoandTaysmommy By  LoandTaysmommy    

    they Leak after the first use for me. I don't really like them at all. Very unhappy.

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  • 07clement By  07clement    

    I buy them for the car rides with my daughter, she can chew the plastic lid after about three uses. However they are cheap enough that I can just throw them away and dont have to panic over them like some of her other sippys. Also great for the grandparents house.

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