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  • Medderl By  Medderl    

    I use this yogurt in my cooking, I like it as a substitute for oil as a healthier option, everything tastes great when I use it. I will never go back to using oil!

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  • Lemony By  Lemony    

    This is one of the best Greek Yogurts I have ever had. It is really thick and has great flavor. I like the plain ones, as well as, the fruit options. I do think my all time favorite flavor is the honey.

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  • MrsGeisendorfer By  MrsGeisendorfer    

    Great Greek yogurt! I enjoy this Greek yogurt for cooking, in cereal and just with fruit. It's a close second to Chobani but the fact that I can buy it at Aldi takes the cake!

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  • Tikkun By  Tikkun    

    This is the best Greek yogurt, I love it I like Chobani, but it can't beat the flavor and thickness and texture of Fage. Plain or fruit, it is the best commercial Greek yogurt!!

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