Secret Scent Expressions Cocoa Butter Kiss Body Splash

Secret Scent Expressions Cocoa Butter Kiss Body Splash

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I really liked the Cocoa Butter Kiss Body Splash. I personally think it would be better worn in the fall and winter months. I think the scent is a little heavy for the summertime. Overall I was pleasantly surprised on how much I liked it.

I really like the light spray, it is really good for a summer scent and I felt like the body spray had staying power. It is absolutely a daytime scent so to me, not lasting into the evening worked out well. I will definitely look to see what other scents are available, I like the pairing of the deodorant and the body spray and will purchase other scents.

lightly scented. honestly if a scent could lift someones spirits, i think this one did. goes on clean doesn't get sticky, the only thing i didn't like was that the scent didn't last a long time. I will have to reapply it. I like that the scent is not over powering though.

I would not have bought this in a store - the packaging is too loud for my taste and I expected the scent to be stronger and not my style. However - I tried it and was very pleasantly surprised. My daughter LOVES the scent and I am happy to share it with her. She always wants to put on my perfume in the morning and this is far more age appropriate for her.

I really like this body spray. It isn't something I would purchase for myself, but I received a free sample and tried it. It is really nice - light, summery and beachy. I'll be using this a lot this summer!

I wasn't sure I was going to like this - it seemed a little strong when I sniffed it. It's actually quite nice on your skin. I find that it's more of a hint of scent rather than surrounding me with a cloud of fragrance. Strong smells can trigger a headache for me and I hate passing someone in a store or on the street and you can practically see the waves of scent coming off of them. This is a definite summer scent - it goes nicely with the cocoa butter lotion that I use during the summer. I would buy it again.

I never thought of body sprays until my friend gave me this one. The smell was absolutely awesome and it seemed to stay with me all day which was a plus. It also did a good job of covering up the smell of work one day when I was in a bind. I clean stalls once a week for a little extra income and so for this to have helped was something that really blew me away. I would for sure recommend this to a friend. Some of the scents don't seem as strong as others, but it's to each their own in my mind.

Smell is pleasant!!!

Light, summery scent. Perfect for freshening up.

The spray smells nice, but wish the scent lasted longer. The deodorant works well and smells nice.

Nice touch when using deodorant in same scent. It's very light and fresh.

I like the smell.

love the scent , cocoa butter is refreshing

Nice scent. Perfect for carrying around in your purse.

A light, refreshing scent for summer-not too heavy or floral. Not too heavy on the cocoa butter scent either, but nice for hot days.