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  • dmwhmwreb By  dmwhmwreb    

    Recieved these in my Cravebox a few months ago, love them! They don't have a harsh smell like alot of permanent markers do

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  • mollyjotx By  mollyjotx    

    I love Sharpies and these are no exception. I kept a couple and sent a couple to my sister, who is in college. I LOVE the colors. The rubber grips are more comfortable, too.

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  • StormieMom By  StormieMom    

    My daughter and I liked these. We liked the different colors and they write well and look great.

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  • silverdiva2012 By  silverdiva2012    

    I got these for my daughter and she loves them, used them all year and , great colors.

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  • nico2317 By  nico2317    

    These markers are super cute and I love the colors

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  • drgnfly2010 By  drgnfly2010    

    i bought these for my daughter to use for her art projects at school and the funny thing is, umm...they ended up in my room for me to use, so she is always asking me if she can use my markers, LOL!!

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  • ajmorrison By  ajmorrison    

    Had to fight with my son for the purple ones!!!! The colors are great! FInally something better in a permanent marker than black, red and green. I was so happy to get this in my box and keep them at my desk at work for anytime I need a permanent marker. People are so surprised to be getting a package from me with such a great color on it. I need to do lots of arts and crafts projects so I have a reason to use them more!

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  • sarahisrad By  sarahisrad    

    Love all the different colors!! Even though these don't carry the "standard" permanent marker name - Sharpie - these are great quality and I would highly recommend.

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  • preppypink03 By  preppypink03    

    I love all the colors, we use them at work to mark cups!

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  • sierramarie By  sierramarie    

    I love these pens. The colors are amazing. I use them daily in our school room.

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  • aprilaakre By  aprilaakre    

    I love them so many different colors to use. They write so nice

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  • BuddyCamp By  BuddyCamp    

    I used these pens for scrapbooking and general crafting and they work great! The colors are so fun and vibrant and are so much prettier to look at marking a Red Solo Cup with someone's name than plain Black or Silver Sharpie!

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  • rfanshier By  rfanshier    

    LOVE THESE!!! I used them to help me finish a scrap book I was workin gon and loved the results. It was nice to know that they were acid free and safe to use with my pictures. I enjoyed the colors I got and will look out for more. thanks Crave Box. This was a winner!!

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  • snavarre By  snavarre    

    These are great colors & I love them.

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  • Whiskers1327 By  Whiskers1327    

    Loved it. Great colors. They wrote great. They are great!!

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