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I only go to one Kohls that is near me and have had such a great experience. The only thing is that the clothes being put away was very lax. But love prices and clothing.

Not my favorite but it's okay Kohls is okay. Sometimes you can get a good bargain and sometimes, not so much. I will say that they are good about taking back baby stuff that you received as a gift. If they sell it, they will take it and give you a gift card so you can get something else. I do feel like they mark prices up so that when they say it's on sale, it makes it look like a better deal. I wish they would just charge a fair price in the first place. They are nice to send you money off of things for your birthday (I usually get a $10 off $10 or more).

THE DEALS! cute clothes, but always long lines which sucks. awesome deals tho!!

Over priced items, must have an account to use most discounts they offer. Afterwards I find their sale prices was not any bargain!

OK store I like their shirts but I'm only 5'1" and the pants they sell always seem to long for me. The underwear are good too but the socks don't last that long.

Look No Further than Kohls! I never leave Kohls empty handed, and better, my pocket-book remains full! No other store offers better discounts and deals with the same quality of items! When I go shopping, Kohl's is my go-to store. Even their kitchen items, home decor, and shoe departments are the best!

ONE OF MY FAVE I love this store i take my children there alot i have a teen so this is where she get her shirts bottoms from i always end up spending lots of money lol

I love Kohls. I would shop here 24/7 if I could. They always have awesome sales and the staff is friendly and helpful. Great deals. I esp love their selection of shoes.

This is my all time favorite store to shop at! I dislike the fact that they do not have daily deals on retail me not, they have taken away many coupons /deals which has stopped me from shopping there as much as i used to!

I like going to Kohls when I have the coupons. I get the 30% a few times a year. I used that on higher priced items, such as bedding, kitchen, & bath items. I feel that the picture frames have a good selection and are not priced higher than other stores and feel I can get a good value with the coupons.

I like their selections, but not the prices. Lines are always long, and registers are not all being used.

Kohls is one of those stores where it seems EVERYTHING is on sale all the time. They have BS prices and then "mark them down" so you think you're getting an awesome deal when in reality, the "marked down" price is the real price. With that being said, it's a nice store. Their clothes are good quality, for the most part. I've bought a few clothes items for my kids that didn't last very long (the photo on the shirt faded very quickly, the shirts wore through incredibly fast...) but clothes I've bought for myself and my husband have held up quite well.

i love love love khols. this is one of the only stores that has TRUE clearence items. when they have a sale you really do save money and the quality of the items is great

I like coming to Kohls because I always find what I'm looking for and for a great price.

Highly overpriced on their "regular" prices. You can get some good deals on their Gold Star Clearance if you have the time to sort through the racks. Sales racks are disorganized and difficult to shop.