Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage

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Johnsonville Italian sausage is always the first choice for our household at barbeques. Excellent taste, a high quality product.

I prefer Italian Sauage over Brats when we grill out. Johnsonville is the only brand I will buy. It's great with onion, peppers & kraut. I will also usually save a couple to run through the food processor & freeze for pizza topping on our homemade pizza nights or spaghetti sauce.

These are great with peppers and onions for a quick meal.

I love these sausages. One of my favorites. The seasoning is just right and they are good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Yum! I use this when making lasagna, spaghetti or just on the grill. It's delicious.

In general, I am a sausage fan. I love this specific sausage because it is so fresh. I always have to remember to cook them on low heat though to make sure the outside doesn't burn. The sausage is really thick so it does take a while to cook all the way through but so worth the wait!

Awesome in spaghetti. Sausage in peppers is one of my fav dishes itallian sausage is the only sausage i buy. Wonderful flavor

We use other Johnsonville flavors more often, but the Italian has good flavor and I would purchase it again

They are delicious. I use them for breakfast and for the barbecue. They are soft and juicy.

Love. This sauage, sometimes we cook it with onions and peppers, sometimes. With cheese and potatoes, and we even make hotdogs with it...its tastey, and full of flavor...wonderful

lightly spiced, evenly textured, can be cooked/served many ways..i like these and more impotrantly, my family LOVED them.

Love all of Johnsonville products. These are awesome on the grill with peppers and onions.

Although I'm not fond of sausages , my husband on the other hand, is. He loves these things!

Great taste! We use this alot in one of the meals that I cook which is based off of clean eating. My kids will eat the whole package if I let them!

Great flavor, good on pizza too. I have used this in many recipes.