Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage

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My usual stores do not carry this product. I will have to try to shop elsewhere, so I can try it out!

Not so flavor ful. Its bland tasting .Not a favorite among our household

I did not care for the taste of these, would not recommend

I am sorry to report that we didn't care for this very much.

i never tried it

My family found this sausage to be bland tasting. I will try the other flavors and then comment again.

My family loves Johnsonville sausage. We usually buy the sweet, but I decided to try a different flavor to review. I got the mild - and it was anything but! I used it in pasta, and my mouth was burning by the end of the meal. To me, mild means a little bit of spice but no heat. If my mouth is burning, it's not mild. It did not "play nice with others" - the flavor competed with the other flavors in the dish. I might use it on it's own, but I won't use it in recipes any more.

i made a tortellini dish with a creamy tomato sauce. i liked the tast the Italian Sauage added, however my family didn't. didn't have anything to do with the brand they just prefer hamburger. next i will try a recipe that uses the sausage and hamburger together. i think they would like that better.

I made a pasta dish with this sausage, sauce and vegetables. My family loved it! Next we are going to try grilling the links.

It's good, but a little boring.

This was by far not my favorite meal. I could not get passed the aftertaste. I blame this on myself, I probably shouldn't have used a spaghetti sauce type product with it I guess. I will definitely give it another try, but I don't know that my husband will join me in that adventure. He didn't like it at all.

I used this in the cold pasta salad for my 'Johnsonville' get together I had and it had mixed reviews. I felt it didn't have enough flavor for my taste buds, I also purchased the ground mild Italian sausage for my chili and I didn't care for it either :( I really wanted too...

I gave it only 3 star. My youngest son, who loves sausage usually, did not like this sausage at all. I used it to make Jambalaya, Zataran's actually. He loved the Jambalaya, but ended-up picking the sausage out of it. My husband said it was "OK". The other reviews are all great, so maybe it was just the way I cooked it.

I made this sausage with spaghetti. It tasted ok but my daughter did not like it very much. I probably will continue to buy my regular brand.

We first tried out the Johsonville Mild Italian Sausage to make a quick Spaghetti dinner. The mild flavor was great for the kids and the quick cook time was a great bonus for me. They are also easy to slice once cooked if you want to add them to the sauce.