e.l.f Cosmetics  Eyelid Primer

e.l.f Cosmetics Eyelid Primer

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I really like this product for the price. It's not perfect, but for a dollar, its a great deal. It's a little too oily for me, but thats just my skin. Overall I really like this product, it's a good primer.

I purchased this product at target because i am in the search of the best eye lid primer that will not make you go broke, $1 at target or on website and I wanted to love this product but it just didnt work for me, as soon as I was done with my eyeshadow look it immediately began creasing, I was so disappointed because I have seen so many good reviews on the product. I also waited till it dried before applying shadow. Everyone is different, I am guessing I have too oily of a eyelids so hopefully one day they make a primer for oily lids. But I love E.L.F still!!!

I purchased this product at Target. It was $1 in stores. The purpose of this product is to act as a base for eyeshadows and increase the time of wearability and decrease the, well, creasing. This product also makes shadows more vibrant and true to form. Ive always been into make up but never wanted to spend ridiculous amounts of money on it but a $1 here and there doesnt hurt now :)

I purchased this product from target for only $1! And I do have to say it is a very good product. Especially for the price. I really like this primer. It keeps my eyeshadow on just about all day! I haven't ever gotten to try The urban decay or too faced one because they are to pricey. But i am pretty satisfied with my ELF primer. Most likely going to purchase it again. I noticed they have also came out with two new shade to. So Check out the website! (:

This product works great. It makes my eye shadow last longerm it is more vibrant, and no longer creases. So worth the $1 price!

I bought this product as cheaper alternative to UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I bought it from e.l.f.'s website....and the product description on the website said that this product is meant too help the longevity on your eyeshadows as well as make them more vibrant. I found that it helped keep my eyeshadows on for longer during the day, as well as helped to keep them from creasing to a point. However, it didnt make my colors more vibrant. Actually, in most cases, it made my eyeshadows more dull than wearing them alone without primer. In my opinion, I rather reapply during the day rather than losing vibrancy from my shadows.

I bought this product as an emergency during a trip, I have tried several products from this brand and they are all good specially for the cost of a $1. I can't say I am disappointed with the primer but it didn't work on me for very heavy eye makeup. When I do a more light/day eye makeup it is quite good. So if you are going with light eyeshadow I would say use this, but don't except anything if you are doing a more dark, smoky look.

Love this primer, I dont have greasy skin so this does not crease on my eyelids and it makes everything stick nicer!

Does its job. I like it. I use it every day. It's not the BEST primer that's out there but you could survive on this especially since its only 1 dollar!!!

I love e.l.f.'s primer and for the price you can't beat it. I've been a user of urban decay's primer potion but since finding e.l.f.'s I've been a loyal user of theirs.

i love this product. i also use urban decay's primer potion and ELF's primer performs just the same at a considerably lower price. great product.

I love e.l.f., so I want to love this product. It does make my eye shadow more vibrant, but it does not help with creasing. It also dries out my eyelids and makes them burn.

THIS WORKS GREAT! i use it everyday and no creasing! and only one dollar!

I also purchased this product at Target and love it. I was skeptical at first because it was only $1, but I love the way it makes my eye shadows pop and stay on longer. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to make their shadows last all day.

I actually just bought this and for a $1 it def does the job!