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Trader Joe's Grocery Store

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Some of the yummiest food! I love the five layer dip they have. The only thing I don't like is that they aren't bigger!

Trader Joes is the perfect blend of healthy - fair trade - organic - free range- and most importantly, affordable! I lived in Oregon for 1 yr about 15 yrs ago and fell in love with Trader Joes then, and slowly they made their way to the East Coast and I could not be happier. Currently there is a Trader Joes 10 mins from my home and I do at least 70 percent of my shopping there. Even my son loves coming there with me - and we always pick up a boquet of flowers when we leave!

Love Trader Joe's....great selection of products, fresh produce, unique frozen foods....friendly staff and love beer/wine sections.

Love this store. The employees are very personable and ready and willing to help you.

Couldn't live without TJs. They don't have everything but their options awesome. Great deals on wine, cheese and meats. Love most of their prepared food favorites are chicken pot pie, green chicken burritos, egg white salads and their frozen meatballs. There three cheese blend is seriously the best cheese ever - perfect texture and melting for pizza, nachos, etc. there produce tends to go bad quickly but that's my only issue. I love that you can return anything you don't like and they will take it back no questions asked

First of all, no other store beats Trader Joe's staff. They are the friendliest and helpful store I have ever been in. As for shopping for items I would agree - I go there for the specialty items and wine. The 3 buck chuck is good wine at an incredible price.

I am not yet sure about this store. I like the thought of getting healthy food but the one time that I went there to check the place out. I ended up getting one thing that I could have got at any store. But when I was in line the lady that was in front of me spent $75 on 2 bags. I may be cheap but I would not be able to do that.

We buy lots of Fish from here. It's all wild caught and tastes amazing. We love Trader Joes and are glad we live 5 mins from one.

I live two blocks from a Trader Joe's, so it is super convenient and typically my go to grocery store. My location is in a city, so it is smaller than the suburban ones. It is inexpensive for where it is and a lot of their prepared food is delicious. I have to say though, it's not as healthy as I expected. The frozen food is good and cheap, but not to healthy for you. The selection of canned vegetables is pitiful, and they are healthy and have less of a carbon footprint then frozen veggies. Their fresh produce is suspicious and usually not delicious. I had one peach that was great, but the next four were mushy or tasteless. The bagged lettuce is good, but lettuce doesn't really have a flavor. Their deli meats may not have nitrites, but they have enough sodium for your whole day. Their spice selection is good and very inexpensive, their fresh breads and homemade tortillas are amazing! Plan on getting produce and canned veggies elsewhere, but pick up novel items, frozen quick meals, and breads.

They need to have more stores. I used to live by one and loved it. However the nearest one to where I live now is over an hour.

I am a new Trader Joe's customer and have found my place to shop. They are amazing. The staff is so friendly and I love the fact that there are no 'loud speaker' anouncements to stress out the shopping experience. I love the products and the prices. I finaly found my kind of non stress shopping experience.

Dont really get the hype I guess, it wasnt great and most of what I bought there I didnt like!

It's a small store and they don't have a big selection. I love getting the huge chunks of chocolate for my desserts. :)

Love, Love, Love this store!!

Great store for cute one of a kind food items with great prices.