Suave 24-Hour Invisible Solid Anitperspirant Deodorant

Suave 24-Hour Invisible Solid Anitperspirant Deodorant

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This is my "go to" deodorant." Very inexpensive and one I use when I am not going to be doing much activities, it works, but if I am at the gym or working out at home, or in a high pressure situation, must apply more!

only certain smells lasted all day... good product for the price.

This product works okay at preventing odor. Has a nice smell. I have never found a product that keeps you from perspiring completely.

I don't like this product personally kuzzo u still sweat

Nice smell but really doesn't stay with ya all day long like most

Very inexpensive, but it really does not last the entire day.

I'm not crazy about this deodorant. It smells pretty good but leaves white on my clothes and doesn't last more thatn a couple hours in the Florida heat.

I like the scent of it, but its a little over powering for me. Lasts 24 + hours!

Cheap. I use this only when I have a coupon to get a free one. Otherwise I stick to Degree.

I've had great luck with the Suave deodorant products. This lasts all day and the price is very low.

This is the only deodorant that I buy perfect for on the go and 24 hour protection

I haven't used suave in a few years. I tend to sweat a lot and it didn't do the job.

I use to use this brand for my deodorant suave but i switch to a another brand because the smell for this brand suave didnt last long and i notice that some of my dark clothes would have like whight spots under thearmpit of my shirts and i dint like that so thats why i swithch it but it has a good price its not expensive.

Im not sure what happened but suave deodorants don't seem to work for me anymore. I have used it for 5+yrs and I had to switch.

I use this product and love it. It lasts all day for me.