Suave 24-Hour Invisible Solid Anitperspirant Deodorant

Suave 24-Hour Invisible Solid Anitperspirant Deodorant

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Didn't like this. Sticking with Dove.

It doesnt work! Secret and Dove are waaaaaaay better

The scent is great, however, I sweat through it. I'm not super sweaty by nature (yuck), but this doesn't have the 'holding' power that some of the other deo's do. Not a fan.

If you play sports or your a really active person, do not buy this ! It does not last long and it was not invisible when i used it !

will never buy again any of the new stuff it gave me almost like a burning sensation i was so upset since it did smell good and had heard great things before

I used this product maybe once was not satisfied with it at all and i have not used it again

Didn't like this product much. I prefer Secret Flawless Clear. This Suave brand doesn't alway go on clear.

I don't really like this deoderant. I will use it if I have to. It leaves white marks on my clothes & I end up reapplying it several times a day. My armpits feel sticky when I put it on.

This product started to mix with sweat and stink after a couple of uses. I prefer Secret and Dove.

This is so misleading. It is not invisible at all and it ruined my favorite shirt.

doesnt really work "24 hours" . maybe lasts for 8 hours, not that long.

defiantly not invisable, it left yellow stains on my shirt. It also go t very dry and flaky mid day

I have not had luck with any of the Suave deodorant products. They are not strong enough for me - I sweat a lot! Smells good though!

Suave deodorant does not keep me dry through the day. It is not clear and leaves clumps under your arms.

I haven't used suave in a few years. I tend to sweat a lot and it didn't do the job.