Febreze Air Effects

Febreze Air Effects

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I love the different scents of febreze

I find the scents a tad over whelming but for the price experiment with the various varieties. They do a nice job of cheering up a room.

With a young adult male in the house febreze is a must have. The sport equipment is bearable with febreze

Love this product! All of the scents are pleasant and not too strong or too weak. It also helps our home smell fresh and clean!

Love this product, and the scents they have been coming out with. The limited addition sprays are my favorite, wish they would last a little but longer but for the price it's an amazing product!

The Hawaiian Aloha is the best! Other sprays out there DO NOT eliminate odors, just mask them temporarily.

not quite the odor eliminator. I feel it just masks ordors

I would recommend this product but be careful if you suffer from migraines - it stays in the sofas and chairs for a while so if you are sensitive to smells, chose a light scent or use something else. It's great using in a room or the kitchen... especially if you have pets or diapers smells.

Best thing for last minute impromptu cleaning.

I love Febreze. The scents are always very fresh and not too overpowering.

I just love the limited edition scent Wave Crashers!!

This is ok

I live with two boys and a ferret and though these come in great scents and I love them it just doesn't cover up the scent as long as I would like.

My boyfriend and i use these EVERYDAY. We probably have about 6 different scents. One for each room, they do take away the gross garbage smell in the kitchen. The "man" smell of the bathroom, and the Doggy smell out of things when the dog decides to lay over all the clothes. LOVE IT

i use this in my room every day smells grate