Febreze Air Effects

Febreze Air Effects

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not worth the money

not a fan of the ingredients they use, even if the smells are nice it's just not worth it.

Does what it is supposed to do, but it makes my throat hurt and bothers my eyes. We found another off brand that doesn't seem to cause problems.

I must say that I saw the commercial for the Febreze Air Effects and was highly hopeful as to what the product could provide. I held dreams of one or two sprays eliminating all the unpleasant smells that a two year old is able to create. I was not satisfied unfortunately. I expected more. The scents wear off rather quickly and do not provide the freshening effects promised. It works like your typical aerosol air freshener temporarily providing a pleasant smell that lasts a short time. On a positive note they do provide a wonderful array of scents to choose from including some of the Febreze favorites like Dragon Fruit. The can itself is made for ease of use with a spraying mechanism that allows for good coverage and requires little hand pressure.

This is ok

not quite the odor eliminator. I feel it just masks ordors

I love the scents they have but they aren't long lasting. I have had longer lasting scents with cheaper air sprays.

It smells really good but only stays that way a few minutes

It didn't remove the smell of onions in my house. It did linger for that lovely onion flower smell.

These smell good enough, but I don't feel like the scent lingers long enough and I don't like inhaling chemicals.

Love the fact that they have such a huge variety of smells, and they smell great, but the smell fades after about 5-10 minutes. For the price, I wouldnt waste the money on their sprays, however their candles are wonderful! Especially around the holidays, the smells are great the they will fill a room quick, and doesnt burn down too fast.

Smells good, but the scent doesn't last very long, and falls instead of misting into the air and bonding with molecules like the commercial says.

Its OK but when you spray it, it just falls back down.

love the apple spice but i do not see how it is advertised as long lasting. if you put your nose on the fabric it fell on u can smell it but the air does not stay fresh long. too bad, lovely scent

I definitely prefer Febreze air freshener to other air fresheners. However, I do think that the commercials are slightly deceiving. I don't think that Febreze completely eliminates odors (although it does a better job than other products). You can still tell if you are standing in a dirty, mold infested space.