Febreze Air Effects

Febreze Air Effects

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i use this in my room every day smells grate

I love Febreze. The scents are always very fresh and not too overpowering.

I would recommend this product but be careful if you suffer from migraines - it stays in the sofas and chairs for a while so if you are sensitive to smells, chose a light scent or use something else. It's great using in a room or the kitchen... especially if you have pets or diapers smells.

Love this product, and the scents they have been coming out with. The limited addition sprays are my favorite, wish they would last a little but longer but for the price it's an amazing product!

I find the scents a tad over whelming but for the price experiment with the various varieties. They do a nice job of cheering up a room.

Some of these smell good and some dont... it just depends which scent you get and what you like

I love febreeze make my house smell good every day!!!

I love all of the Febreze scents available, i just wish the smells lasted longer in my home.

I have a can of this in three rooms. The family uses it weekly. It smells clean and fresh. At holidays the scents are great too!.

Gets rid of Oder super fast. And leaves the room smelling super clean and fresh

i love this product main reason it leaves a fresh perfumed scent I've tried other brands of air freshener and it tends to leave a sour smell behind which is so gross due to the fact I'm trying to eliminate odor not get it...... i also love the multiple scents its made in so i can always change it. we use it alot in the car works great to get that food smell out and have the car smelling clean fresh and breathable.

Love the sprays and have been using for years. There is a can in almost every room or stash in the linen closet. One in car for travels. One at work...

I already love Febreze air effects and fabric refresher but this new one smells sooo good! This is my favorite air freshener now, I spray it on everything and everywhere. My boyfriend even likes it & he usually hates the smell of air fresheners. I want to get this scent in the fabric refresher and plug in refill too. This fresh scent lasts a long time and really get rid of bad odors.

This one smells nice, but so does the Moroccan Bazaar and my FAVORITE is Brazilian Carnaval.

I love these! They smell so good and are reasonable priced.